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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Ravenswood Sees "A Death And A Maiden" In This Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/30/2013 12:07 am
PopWrapped | Television
Ravenswood Sees
Media Courtesy of ABC Family

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

Last week, five Ravenswood teens found themselves in quite the predicament after Miranda grabbed the wheel. To avoid a creepy woman in the road (whom only Miranda saw), she ended up leading them off the road and into a river. The curse of five was set in motion, but this week, we found out that only one of them didn’t make it. Caleb, Remy, Luke and Olivia are all in the hospital distraught after the events of the time led them to the hospital. While those four looked drenched and alive, the doctors aiding Miranda called her time of death at 1:02. One down, four more to go, at least according to the curse. Caleb clearly felt a strong connection with Miranda in the few days he had known her. You can tell how disappointed he was in himself for not saving her and taking care of her especially after Hanna’s request. Caleb ends up in the morgue and while he sits and sifts through her personal belongings, he hears a knocking from Miranda’s spot and some of her things have minds of their own. Someone is trying to send him a message. However, Uncle Creepy (yes I’m going to refer to him as Uncle Creepy) comes to claim the body of his long lost, dead niece. The other teens go home with their families and Caleb is left alone until Mrs. Grunwald convinces Uncle Creepy to let him stay with them for the night. Miranda appears to Caleb in a dream, but it’s more like déjà vu. They’re in the car and Miranda shows Caleb exactly what made her grab the wheel so suddenly. Mrs. Grunwald is hovering over him as he wakes up. She has some wise and creepy words for Caleb about dreams and souls. “The existence of the soul isn’t pendant on your limited experience.” As Uncle Creepy works on Miranda’s lifeless body, Caleb goes through some more supernatural events. A book falls to the ground as he read where the place is marked, the room begins to shake with the same hairbrush that Miranda saw moving did the same. The mirror shatters and forms a circle around Caleb and Uncle Creepy remained unfazed in his work area as his equipment shook. Clearly, Caleb is the next victim and Uncle Creepy knows more than he’s letting on. The next day, Caleb calls Hanna and tells her that Miranda is doing okay, but it’s complicated. Yeah, it is. One of the officer’s finds Caleb and questions him about Miranda. He did his research and knew Caleb only knew Miranda for a few days. He even implies that Miranda may have had some emotional problems. Caleb defends her even when the officer tells him to back to Rosewood. Grunwald and Uncle Creepy share a moment. “How many bodies did you expect to find?” Grunwald asked. I’m assuming he expected to find five. They both know a lot, leaving us with a lot of questions. Caleb and Remy head to the junkyard to find Miranda’s bag in the totaled car. Caleb is attacked by a dog, but ended up trapping it in a van. While Caleb goes off to find something to break the windshield, Remy goes through the window having a moment with her car. The radio turns on and the window goes up to trap her.  The dog is let out of the car as Caleb breaks the window to help Remy escape. They run and Luke appears and saves the day. Caleb goes in for handshake, Luke is pissed. While Remy, Caleb and Miranda seemed to have a level of trust after knowing each other for a few days, Luke isn’t as trusting writing Caleb off as bad news. After the night’s events, Remy is home in bed. She seems to be dreaming, but ends up sleep walking in the middle of the road. A car is on the verge of hitting her, but her parents come and get her just in time. While her mother takes her in, her father goes to the car and I hear him say something along the lines of “I’m sorry sweetheart, are you okay?” My instinct tells me that it’s Luke and Olivia’s mom, considering that Luke suspects that his mother was cheating on their father before he was murdered. That would explain the tension between their two families. The final scene shows Caleb in the guest room at the creepy Collins residence. He reads the letter from Miranda’s mother. Out of nowhere Miranda appears claiming she followed his voice as read the letter. Caleb’s in disbelief asking her if the cops and her uncle know that she’s alive. But that’s the thing, she isn’t. “I died in the ambulance.” Caleb asks the question we all do. “How?” Miranda thinks it’s the house allowing her to stay. After all, the house seems to be harboring some evil spirits as well as seen in last week’s episode. Caleb apologizes for not saving Miranda and I love the performance and chemistry between Tyler Blackburn and Nicole Anderson. According to Miranda, the thing on the bridge was waiting, “waiting a long time.” I bet it was disappointed that only one of them passed away and it probably won’t stop till the rest go as well. I can’t wait to learn more about this deadly curse of five and see the others start to believe!


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