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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Ravenswood Wants Us To "Believe" On This Weeks Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/05/2013 11:09 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Ravenswood Wants Us To
Media Courtesy of ABC Family

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

In case you missed it last week, Caleb’s newest friend, Miranda, is dead. It’s pretty safe to say that her death is a product of a deadly Ravenswood curse that targets 5 teens, but somehow she appears to Caleb in ghost form. He’s just so connected to Miranda that it doesn’t seem to freak him out one bit. This week’s episode starts off with Uncle “Creepy” Collins admiring his dead niece’s face. A part of me thinks her eyes are going to pop open and she’s going to come back to life, but the only creepy thing that happens is Uncle Creepy cutting off a strand of Miranda’s hair. Miranda’s funeral attracts a few of the Ravenswood residents including the other teens who were with her right before she lost her life. Homecoming Queen, Olivia, happens to see a woman standing over her father’s grave, but with a blink of an eye the woman disappears. Miranda isn’t the only ghost in town. On the Matheson front, Olivia and Luke get a piece of information about a suspect in their father’s murder case. The police think that Mr. Matheson might have had an affair with a woman named Abby. My hunch tells me that this Abby woman was the person Olivia saw during the funeral. Remy calls for a meeting to finally reveal her theory to Luke and Olivia. We learn that since 1918. Ravenswood veterans would return home and within a week, five people would die. Since then, five incidents of the five have happened – this incident being the sixth. Luke and Olivia aren’t believers yet. Olivia would rather investigate the mystery woman Abby and Luke could care less, only siding to support his sister in her search. They go straight to her mother and she reveals that Abby Wheeler was Mr. Matheson’s girlfriend in high school.  Apparently, Abby was trying to contact him, but here’s the twist: Abby has been dead for over 20 years. Creepy Collins thanks Caleb for speaking of Miranda so eloquently at her funeral. He even offers his carriage house that belonged to the old groundskeeper, who according to Mr. Collins, retired. Something is telling me Mr. Collins still needs Caleb close. Miranda visits Caleb and Caleb confesses that he believes in what Miranda saw on the bridge. “It’s been after us since day one.” For some reason, Miranda transports back to the main Collins’ residence. Mrs. Grunwald is in the hallway and stops as though she feels Miranda’s spirit. What kind of business are Mr. and Ms. Creepy running here? After Mrs. G leaves, Miranda hears other spirits warning her and telling her to leave. It doesn’t seem like she has a choice though. Olivia goes through old yearbook belonging to her dad. She finds Abigail Wheeler who looks a lot like the person she saw in the beginning during Miranda’s funeral. She does more investigating by going into the science lab where Abby and four others died in a freak accident. As she leaves she hears noises and calls for help. When she turns around again to see the lab room, she sees someone yelling for help through the window. This person, who I’m going to assume is [or was] Abby, is red and their face is burned. Then it disappeared. Olivia now believes Abby is trying to contact her and Luke’s the only non-believer. The two meet Caleb and Remy at the carriage house to discuss the so-called curse of five. Caleb confesses that he sees and talks to Miranda. Like any non-believer, Luke thinks he’s crazy, but he still remains there to support his sister. They want answers and Olivia grabs a board with a bunch of letter magnets. It ain’t no Ouija board, but it’ll do. Let the séance commence. Miranda doesn’t want them to have a séance. She has a really bad feeling. They hear a noise and Caleb investigates. While he’s gone, they continue and Miranda hears things. She transports back to the main residence again and the spirits seem like they are too much for her to handle. Miranda pleads, begging for Abby to communicate. The noises and shaking stop, but the phone begins to ring. All Miranda hears is static, then someone faintly says “GO AWAY.” Miranda then reappears in the carriage house and it seems Abby is there too. Here’s what we learned from the make shift Ouija board. Mr. Matheson found out about the curse, which also happened to kill him. Abby also confirms that their father’s killer is out to kill them too. Miranda screams for Caleb and he rushes back to the room. Some spirit is clearly pissed off because it decides to lock them all in, as the phrase”Five Pact” appears on the whiteboard. The lights above the four living teens fall almost taking them out. I’m taking that as a warning sign. One death isn’t enough, it MUST be five. Whilst the initial shock is settling in, Miranda is off to the side glowing like an angel. I’m thinking she’s about to leave, but turns out now Caleb isn’t the only one who sees her. She’s either come back from the dead, or now the other four now truly believe. The final scene shows Creepy Collins and Creepy Grunwald chatting about Caleb. It’s implied that the old groundskeeper didn’t really retire and Grunwald says something about Caleb thinking the stains are just rust. Again I ask myself…what kind of business are these people running?! It makes me wonder if they can see Miranda as well. This show gets creepier and creepier as we move forward. What do you think “five pact” means?


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