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Music PopWrapped | Music

Ready For Real Success, Ave Emi Releases His New EP 'Faux Hearts'

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

06/06/2016 2:06 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Ready For Real Success, Ave Emi Releases His New EP 'Faux Hearts' | Ave Emi
Media Courtesy of Ave Emi

From Denver, CO comes the soulful and smooth R&B sound of Ave Emi. Commonly associated with the genre title of Urban Pop, Ave Emi might remind more than a few of you of a musical act once known as Jodeci. For those of you who do not recall who this Jodeci might be, they are one of the all-time original R&B greats from back in the 90s, and it is a compliment to the talented Ave Emi to be associated with them. Offering us the inspired new EP titled “Faux Hearts”, Ave Emi is clearly intent on staying around a while.

Opening with his current lead single, titled “Bad Only”, Ave Emi wastes no time introducing you to his specific and unique style of song writing. Produced beautifully, this song has layers upon layers of smooth and pleasant sounds. A deep bass, with a bit of trip hop infused within. My only real complaint, although well managed, is that Ave Emi doesn’t need to lean on Auto-Tune or a vocalizer quite as much as he does; but over the years it has become almost a staple in the industry, so I can’t fully fault Ave Emi for this.

The track titled “One Hundred” is very much in the vein of something Craig David would have attempted. Truly single-worthy, "One Hundred” has all the makings of a hit song. A strong beat, solid vocals, catchy, and well produced. “One Hundred” will no doubt find many fans.

The fourth track off the EP is titled “Replay”, and is so far the slowest and most laid back of all the tracks. Still leaning a bit too heavy on the vocal effects for my tastes, Ave Emi clearly knows how to work his voice, so the real question is why the need for this much voice manipulation? Fortunately for Ave Emi, the production on this album is professional enough that everything still works, despite some over production in the vocals. “Replay” itself is a good song that doesn’t break any of its own genre defining rules, but it doesn’t really need to, as the song itself is good all the way through.

The final track off the album is the star player on the team, it is titled “Not The Same”, and like the name suggests, it is not the same as the others. This one steps up the pace, and truly embraces the idea of a true club-ready song. No doubt this will be released as a single, and also will land the favorite song position for many fans. The vocals are freed from their usual confinements, and it is a true display of what the talented Ave Emi possesses.

The album as a whole is going to be a gem of a find for anyone that enjoys the R&B genre, and although it doesn’t necessarily rock this genre with anything truly new, it does show that it deserves to be placed in your collection of music. A great EP that will no doubt lead to a great full length album.

Ave Emi can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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