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Is It Really A 'Flight Of The Living Dead' For This Week's iZombie?

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

04/19/2015 8:18 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Is It Really A 'Flight Of The Living Dead' For This Week's iZombie? | iZombie
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Nothing says YOLO like jumping off a plane into dangerous land. Especially when there's a high risk of you getting impaled.


It turns out this week's victim was one of Liv's former sorority friends, Holly White. In respect, Ravi suggests that she skip this one (brain, that is), but she decides to partake anyway.

Growing concerned with the disappearance of Jerome, Major goes to Clive since no one at the police station was doing anything about it. However, the detective decides to not get his own shoes wet since it's not his job.

It turns out that Holly is the complete opposite of Liv; she was a wild spirit - wild and adventurous - while Liv was safe and reserved. She once told Liv that the grades eventually don't matter, and they swam in someone else's pool. When she and her bff were, I guess, 'stalking' Holly's Facebook, they discovered a video she took of one of her friends, Lowell Tracey, who jumped with her the day she died. This triggers a vision in which Liv sees him yelling and freaking out with her. Because of this, she manages to convince Clive to work with her secretly.

Holly's wild spirit is slowly finding it's way to Liv, just saying.

At the investigation, Lowell reveals that he and Holly were under Max Rager's label that pays them to do dumb things. When Clive left to go check on the cam footage, Lowell takes the opportunity to ask her if she has a boyfriend.

Ooh la la. I smell a possible romance in the air.

They continue their investigation by interrogating a few more of Holly's friends. The first one, Ren Smith, is an "all-around sports guy". Next is Eliza Marquette, the Director of Advertising at Max Rager. She claims that the footage was destroyed in order to protect Holly's family and the brand. Last but not least is Carson McComb, Eliza's boyfriend and for a lack of a better word, model, for the brand. His training consists of putting moisturizer on his face (help me  with that, please), but he is a pro snowboarder.

Throughout the investigation, they discover 1) Carson was romantically involved with Holly and 2) Lowell was withdrawn from everyone a while back. Liv gets into her 'zone' and sees Carson begging to Holly to not reveal something, but in the back Ren was sleeping in the back shirtless. This lead Liv to believe Ren and Carson were lovers. I would too if I saw that.

The next day, Clive nearly got into trouble with his boss until Liv enters saying that Holly had sodium oxybate (GHB). This drug is commonly used for those who suffer from daytime sleepiness, disrupted sleep due to narcolepsy, and for the treatment of cataplexy.

Later that night, Liv and Peyton attend Holly's memorial held at Carson's house. Apparently, Major is there, too. I wasn't aware they knew each other. Anyways, Liv decides to thoroughly check the place before bumping into Carson, Ren, and Eliza. They ask her to leave, but little did they know that she was once friends with her. She makes her way into a bedroom to discover a pad of signed yet blank prescription sheets that were signed by Dr. Dean Mcomb, a.k.a. Daddy McComb. Before she could leave or do anything really, Lowell catches her. She tries to 'make her escape', but there is no escaping that. However, he asks her to go get a drink, and by getting a drink, it means let-me-make-a-drink-for-you-because-I-really-like-you.

What I love about the series are the plot-twists is that they're amazing. The reason why he was acting distant towards his friends is because he turned.

Yup, you read that right.

He's a zombie.

Hearing this actually made me really excited for Liv, and I bet she's just excited about it, too.

Additionally, he shares with her that he was yelling at Holly at the plane because he was becoming a 'full-on zombie'. He didn't want to eat the pilot, so he jumped down. Just when the goin' is good, Major suddenly enters saying that he's about to leave. Buh-bye, Major.

Maybe it was his own curiosity or the fact that Liv is pushing him to investigate deeper, but Clive heads off to the skate park to examine the area. He talks to a skater, Darius, and he shows him an entire wall decorated with 'Missing Person' posters. This is looking pretty bad.

Liv is all smiles at the Morgue. It's too adorable really. Even when ranting with Dr. Ravi, you can tell she's heads over heels for him.

Clive and Liv interrogate Carson on handing out prescriptions, however, when the signature was showed to him, he says it wasn't his. He adds that Eliza is probably the one who committed the murder. Working at that company is likened to a cult; he was accidentally sent a email chain that said that they have to make one out of a thousand people go psychotic. Holly was freaking out because Max Rager was going to cover it up, and she asked him to forward it to a journalist. If he didn't do it, she would. On the other hand, he decides to tell Eliza because he thought that she could convince Holly to calm yoself. Obviously she and him had very different ideas of doing just that.

By now Eliza is long gone when Clive goes to arrest her.

PLOT-TWIST: Clive's boss is a zombie, too.

It makes me wonder just how many turned, and if it was all Blaine's doing.

So, Major explores the skate park to notice that someone was wearing Jerome's American flag sneakers. He picks a fight, and that doesn't end too well.

Do you remember the time(s) you would hear about your friend(s) having a crush on someone, and how you may have possibly teased them about it? That's exactly what Ravi does when Lowell stops by to visit Ms. Liv at the Morgue. He gives her a spicy hot sauce as a gift before he says his can-I-date-you speech. That cute moment was suddenly interrupted, but she still tells him that she's free on the weekends.

Out of all the brains that she's eaten, this one didn't make her do anything that was too out of the ordinary. She still seemed like herself, but with a more vigorous outlook on life. Good for her.

Stay tuned for more recaps for iZombie, Popwrappers!

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