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Orphan Black: 03x07 Community Of Dreadful Fear And Hate

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

06/05/2015 2:46 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Orphan Black: 03x07 Community Of Dreadful Fear And Hate | orphan black
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Sarah and Helena are in a Spanish bar, and Helena beats some men at a card game and wins them food money, which she uses to try to get alcohol, only for the waitress to tell her she's pregnant. Helena tries to console Sarah over Paul's death, but she says she doesn't want to talk about it. Helena asks who is coming to get them, and Sarah says it's people in connection with Siobhan's people, but not Siobhan's people themselves. Helena says she'll kill Siobhan, and Sarah asks her not to, and wouldn't you know it, guess who strolls into the bar? Siobhan!

Helena tells Siobhan she'll kill her after Siobhan admits to what she's done, and before she can use the utensils the bar owner brought over, she says, "Not in my cantina." She then confiscates them, and Helena promises to fight Siobhan after she eats. Meanwhile, the bar owner tells Sarah to go to her shower in the back and wash up, telling her that where she's going will be better than where she's been. Sarah thanks her.

Donnie is doing Alison's monitoring/recording of biometric data, while Alison is in a tizzy over her obligations and they discuss their plans for Dyad and Bubbles, her mother's store she plans to take over to use as a drug front. They meet with her mother, who is caustic, and discover she might vote for Marci Coates, Alison's competition. Donnie calms her down, and they leave her to review the paperwork to sign the store over.

Cosima and Shae are doing the do when Delphine comes in and speaks to Cosima alone. They need a urinalysis for Cosima. She calls Scott, who asks about Rachel and the symbols they need to decode, and Cosima says she'll take care of it later.

Alison's mother calls her and says she's having a heart attack, but Alison is disbelieving because her mother pulls that stunt often and she goes to meet her anyways.

Donnie and Jason go meet up with a drug dealer for their shipment and they accidentally have the papers Alison had signed for her running for school board trustee. Which means Felix is accidentally going to hand in the envelope with the money to someone else. I smell accidental bribery.

Helena and Siobhan chat, and Helena punches Siobhan several times before her instincts kick in and she punches Helena back, against her will, due to Helena being pregnant. She apologizes immediately and hugs her.

Alison shows up and her mother tells her she can't sell her the store. Alison flips her shit, and delves into how her mother always talks shit about Donnie and how Alison isn't good enough for her and then turns her anger and feelings of being unworthy into a drive to prove herself and that she can succeed.

Cosima shows up to get a sample of Alison's urine and someone mistakes her for Alison and Felix saves her and drags her off to get a photoshoot.

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Scott is texting Cosima and is playing a board game in the lab with some friends. Delphine comes in and says she needs the room, and that it's Rachel's turn for testing. Rachel greets Scott, spots the painting she did of the symbols, and he slyly shows her Professor Duncan's book that contains the symbols. Rachel indicates she wants to play the board game as a cover, and when Delphine asks why, she says she's dreadfully bored. Delphine asks if Scott minds, and Scott says sure.

Alison comes in and sees Cosima in her spot taking photos, so she hides her face and then Jason comes in and tells her about the mix-up. They then try to figure out a way to get the money back. As Alison texts Felix what's going on, she notices her mother coming in.

All together now: fuck.

Alison's mom reveals her father isn't who she thinks it is, and Alison leaves her to do something else and will come back to her. She asks Jason to look after her for a bit.

Cosima needs Alison's piss, and Felix says he'll arrange it. Rachel and Scott conspire to reveal that code under the pretext of the farming game. Alison reveals to Felix she's drug dealing with Donnie who is being held by Pouchy or whatever his name is; the same guy who cut off Vic's fingers.

Alison's mom talks with Jason and her praises Alison while charming her.

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Speeches are about to start and Alison receives a call from Donnie, who is pinned to the table and about to have his nose sliced off. She's in a real pickle now. Funny thing is that Donnie would've been just fine if he hadn't kept running his mouth to fill the silence.

Alison has to wait for Pouchy's niece to count all the money, and Cosima takes the stage to give the speech for her. Cosima is coughing and Alison arrives and they switch behind the curtains and Alison FINALLY, mercifully, can give her speech.

Sarah and Siobhan make up, and Sarah calls her "mom".

Alison and Cosima have a chat (I love Alison and Cosima moments), and Alison tries to figure out why Cosima needs her piss and get to the bottom of it. Before she can, her mother comes in and congratulates her, tells her she's got her vote, and that she signed the store over to her. Alison is ecstatic, in tears, and asks about Donnie, and her mother says even with him because Alison will be at the helm and when the time comes, hopefully she'll leave him for Jason Kellerman.

And the smile and joy in Alison die as she sees her mother as she always was. Then, she introduces her to Cosima, and when her mother asks who she is, Alison replies, "My clone, mother."

Once more, everyone: OOOOOH FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!

*clears throat*


Alison's mother is unfazed, believes it to be just another donor result from the IVF she had to get to conceive Alison, and Alison just looks at her and leaves her mother to her (willful?) ignorance of the truth.

Scott talks to Rachel who says it was her father's and her's secret language, and he says it's not her book and he didn't leave it for them. She asks him who then.

Cosima reveals to Shae she has an autoimmune disorder, and then Shae notices Cosima bleeding from her vagina into the bath.

Rachel deciphers the code but says she'll only tell Sarah.

Awww. I really liked this episode, after so much focus on Sarah, it was really nice to get a reprieve and focus on the other clones.

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What were your thoughts on this episode?

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