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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Recap: State Of Affairs - Secrets & Lies

Lara Meier | PopWrapped Author

Lara Meier

11/25/2014 4:29 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Recap: State Of Affairs - Secrets & Lies | state of affairs
Media Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
This week's State of Affairs revolves all around a Russian (NAVI) submarine, which begins to sink, and Charlie trying to save the person, called "Nightfall" in the boat. It's all quite damatic again. Additionally, Aaron's story plays some kind of important role - in Charlie's life anyway. The president and her husband wish for one thing each at the dinner table with Charlie. The CIA Agent promises to find out about the truth of what really had happened, when Aaron was killed, and why, and she promises to grant the president's wish for justice, since she wants the people, who took him violently too early, to be held accountable. On her way back to the office, Charlie receives a text message: "Remember me?" with a picture of Aaron. She then calls Nick, who apparently took the picture and says that she knows, someone owns something no one should possess. Charlie later confronts Nick in person, but he still denies to have anything to do with it, although those Aaron-related media submissions started when Nick moved back to DC. In the submarine Nightfall kills the two others in his cabin after both disagree to contact someone via buoy. He then tries to reach anyone and does so, when Charlie has returned to the office. They ask him to make a Statement of his current Situation and further explain what his Mission was. Nightfall tells the CIA that the submarine holds a lot of data, which could destroy the national security System [nbd]. Charlie therefore makes Nightfall's Story page 1 in that day's book for the president. Since I write those recaps, I think I can decide that the next few Scenes where quite uninteresting and not that important, but I will quickly summarize them:
  1. Charlie Hands her phone to someone named Sid, since she wants to find out, who contacted her. The text messages are related to Nick, but Sid could not really find out anything.
  2. The president introduces a new CIA chief, who was initially from the other party, so Charlie is quite unhappy about her decision.
  3. The president decides that the submarine will not be saved, so all People on board will have to be killed. In fact, she wants Charlie to sink the submarine.
Charlie returns to the Office and talks to Nightfall, who previously said, he knew Charlie from when she played in the park with his daughter. Charlie claims that she remembered that day and that her father called Nightfall to be a hero. After that she explains what Nighfall would have to do by order of the president. Nightfall asks Charlie to forward a message to his daughter, who is a freshmen in premed. His goodbye-speech is very beautiful and doesn't only make Charlie cry. [I sobbed] And then he lets the water in and therefore takes many people down with him. Unfortunately, Charlie is not to Play Sabina the recording, but she listens to it, while she watches Sabina kiss a young man good-bye; then she deletes the recording. The last shot is of Nick, who has sat in the same restaurant as Charlie and her co-worker, who talk about the fact that she lied to Nightfall, since she cannot remember in the park. Charlie says Nightfall did not die a hero, he died a spy. Dramatic episode, indeed. However, I was quite unhappy with the fact that there were little highlights.They could have worked on that. The whole episode went on the same way until in the end, the submarine sank. I liked the plot in general, though! Catch State of Affairs with Katherine Heigl on Mondays 10 PM on NBC!

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