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Wayward Pines: 01x03 Our Town, Our Law

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

06/05/2015 2:49 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Wayward Pines: 01x03 Our Town, Our Law | Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines lost yet another member of its creepy town in addition to Beverly. Who bit the dust this week? It was none other than Sheriff Pope, but what led up to Pope’s unfortunate demise? Let’s take a look at this week’s episode titled “Our Town, Our Law”.

After witnessing Beverly’s execution, Ethan flees to the woods before promptly heading over to Kate’s house to convince her to run away with him to which she readily disagrees. Honestly I don’t care much for the dynamic between Ethan and Kate; their former love affair is a snooze-fest and I don’t particularly care for Kate as a character just yet (I’m still upset about what happened to Beverly). After Kate’s refusal, Ethan heads over to the shack where he found Agent Evans body only to find Beverly’s body hung from the ceiling. For a brief second, I hoped she was alive. Ethan takes her body down, covers it and promises her he’ll find her daughter no matter what it takes and let her know how much Beverly loved her.

We switch over to Theresa and Ben with Ben acting like a typical TV-teenager groaning and complaining about his dad while Theresa tries to pacify him. It’s only three episodes in and I’m already wishing the Burke’s didn’t have a son or kids for that matter. I don’t exactly dislike Ben, but his angsty behavior frustrates me beyond belief. However, his character is bound to provide huge amounts of drama particularly when he faces Kate who he believes his dad ran off with. I just hope Ben doesn’t “hate” his father because that’s drama I don’t want to see especially since Ethan has been trying his best to reunite with him and Theresa. Is it too much to ask for a supportive teen?

Ethan sneaks into Beverly’s house only to have a cleaning crew appear. Before they can spot him, the realtor that arrived with them distracts the cleaners and let’s Ethan leave the house without a fight. While he’s leaving, Ethan spots a delivery truck and decides to tail it because he believes the truck will lead him out of Wayward Pines once and for all. Theresa and Ben head over to the Secret Service offices where Kate worked in order to find Ethan’s location. Theresa hacks into the system and finds out that Ethan was last reported at a local gas station. Agent Hassler calls Dr. Jenkins and informs them Theresa is heading their way. Theresa and Ben are headed to the “ghost-town” Wayward Pines after a little kid at the gas station informs them the accident was near that area.  They’re pulled over by Sheriff Pope, who subtly pours oil along the road in order to convince Theresa that her car is leaking. Sheriff Pope uses this opportunity to sabotage the car.

Ethan manages to sneak into the delivery truck which leads him to a warehouse of sorts which also houses vehicles. Ethan spots Theresa’s car and sneaks into it in an effort to figure out what’s going on. He finds his son’s guitar and Theresa’s purse. Pope arrives and injects Ethan; Ethan manages to hit Pope several times before promptly passing out. Ethan wakes up on the floor, in a hospital room, to the consistent ringing of a telephone. Upon answering, a woman informs Ethan his family has been discharged from the hospital. Nurse Pam tells him the same exact thing along with informing him they’re at Beverly’s house which is now the house of the Burke’s. Sure enough, once Ethan arrives he discovers that Theresa and Ben are actually there and they don’t remember how they ended up in Wayward Pines.

Despite his family’s presence, Ethan is still eager to leave Wayward Pines. Dr. Jenkins mentions his family was brought there specifically for him and that the town needs a good man like him. Even Pope and Pam mention Ethan getting special treatment making Ethan realize they’re not the ones in charge of this whole operation. Who is behind what’s happening at Wayward Pines? Whoever it is has clearly shown Ethan more leniency than the others and seems to be treating Ethan with a level of favoritism.  Ethan sneaks off into the woods to have a talk with Kate with Ben following close behind despite Ethan telling him to stay in the house. Ethan basically gives Kate a pep-talk and tries to encourage her to be like the Kate he once knew: brave and strong. It’s clear that Kate is scared and has accepted her role in Wayward Pines, but I’m hoping to see her cross-over to Ethan’s side and help figure out what’s going on.

My favorite scene of this entire episode was between Theresa and Sheriff Pope. Theresa notices Ben has snuck off, but before she can go looking for him she finds Sheriff Pope serving himself a bowl of ice cream in the kitchen. This entire scene had me on edge, wondering if Pope would go as far as harming Theresa to send Ethan a message. Theresa quickly realizes there’s something off about Pope as his rants range from ice cream to how Wayward Pines is his town. Pope makes it clear that he’s not fond of the Burkes and the favoritism Ethan is receiving. Pope finally leaves after Theresa more or less tells him to get lost.

Ben arrives shortly after and snitches on Ethan, letting Theresa know Kate’s in town. Theresa decides enough is enough and tries to leave Wayward Pines on foot with Ben only to be spotted by Sheriff Pope, who chases them through the woods. Ethan realizes Theresa and Ben are attempting to leave and arrives right on time to stop Pope from shooting Theresa. Pope, before Ethan arrived, beat Ben and threatened to kill Theresa if he stepped out of the sheriff’s vehicle. Pope throws Ethan off him and is about to shoot Theresa before he’s hit by his own truck by Ben. Before Ethan kills him, Pope warns Ethan that the truth of Wayward Pines is more awful than he can imagine. And thennnn we’re thrown curveball. Something, perhaps a creature of some sort, darts out and drags Pope’s body away, shrieking and roaring. Just what in the seven hells was that thing? Here’s the part where I usually try to theorize, but I’ve been thrown for a loop and honestly don’t know where Wayward Pines will go from here. I’m still on-board this mysterious ride and can’t wait for our questions to be answered!

What do you think was the thing that dragged Pope away? Let’s theorize in the comments below!

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