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On The Record With Brando Eaton

The Lane Twins | PopWrapped Author

The Lane Twins

04/29/2015 9:00 am
PopWrapped | Movies
On The Record With Brando Eaton | brando eaton

Brando Eaton was born in Los Angeles, California where he was raised as an only child by a single mother. Brando was bitten by the acting bug early: he started doing plays at the age of five and continued throughout his high school years.

After graduation he decided to pursue acting as a career, working day jobs until landing his first job on Nickelodeon's ZOEY 101. Since then he has continued to work in film and television including CSI, The Mentalist, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Dexter, and Alvin & the Chipmunks 2. Today he sat down for a Q&A with  The Hollywood Billboard to talk about current projects to be on the lookout for. He let us in on the support of his family as the force that drives him to keep chasing the Hollywood dream:

Surprisingly, I never had any thoughts of giving up on my passion. I remember one day I was in an acting class, and the teacher said "I know this is a tough job to pursue, and all of you have thought about quitting at some point...". I saw everyone nod in agreement, and that moment really stuck out to me-- I was surprised by how many people agreed with his statement, and also by the realization that the possibility of quitting had never even entered my mind as a thought.

My parents have always been supportive of my career choice. In fact, my parents are weirdly dedicated to my acting career. On the side I enjoy being a bit of an entrepreneur, and whenever I branch out to pursue business ventures (which most parents would prefer their child pursue) my mother always gets worried. "Well is that going to affect your acting? Will that affect time for auditions?"

Brando (2) Courtesy of Hollywood Billboard

Q: Having a part in the biggest movie of 2014, American Sniper. How did that audition go, did you have any idea how big the film would be?

sniper Courtesy of Hollywood Billboard

A: The audition process was very easy-going. I read for the casting director, left, and at that point it was out of sight, out of mind. I think it was over a month later that I got a call saying I got the job, and at that point I completely forgot I auditioned for it! I was very excited to get with Clint Eastwood, though, who is a bad ass!

BrandoFilming Courtesy of Hollywood Billboard

Q: How was working on Dexter, and getting to work with John Lithgow and Michael C Hall? Such a popular show, were you recognized more at the time?

A: Dexter was an amazing show to get to be a part of. Both Michael C Hall and John Lithgow are not only extremely talented actors to learn from, but very nice/fun people behind the camera as well. I definitely got recognized a lot more for doing Dexter, and to this day I still get stopped and people talk to me about the show quite a bit. My favorite role to date has to be Dexter. It was such a high quality production, with extremely talented people, so I really got to learn and grow a lot on that set. I've also done projects that may not have been the largest productions, but I got to travel the world and have a blast filming, which is of course a huge perk to this job!


with John Lithgow on DEXTER


 Looks like you have 4 projects coming up in the future: Lake AliceSome Kind of Hate, The Wrong Side of Right, and Woodlawn. Any particular ones you really enjoyed working on, and would like fans to look out for?

A: Yeah I shot a handful of movies in 2014. I just got word that Woodlawn will be coming out in October, which I'm excited about. They did an amazing job with the film, and I grew out a 70's porn stache for the part, which totally needs to make its debut on the big screen. I have high hopes for the other films as well, I'm excited for that work to come out. They were all very different roles for me." We will be looking for all 4 films. Looks like a busy year for Brando.

Q: This is a pet fan question. With all the work you are getting, and busy film schedules, would you consider getting Kerrigan a playmate?

BrandoKerigan Courtesy of Hollywood Billboard

A: I have to say, it's definitely hard having a pet when you have to travel for work so much! But I love her to death, and I've been seriously considering getting her a little partner in crime so she doesn't get lonely. I was thinking about a Savannah cat-- those things are crazy!

Brando also told us he loves working behind the camera as well.

 There is a reason for that:


his business is becoming more of a mess for actors these days, so that has pushed me to branch out to behind the cameras as well. I'm starting to produce and direct, and I have to say, I'm loving it! It's allowing me to be creative in ways that I've kept suppressed and untapped all these years. I feel really comfortable tackling those positions as well-- all those years of acting and being around great directors and producers have really given me a lot of value I can add behind the camera.  

We look forward to watching Brando continue his journey.

Please follow Brando's many Hollywood adventures on all of his social media platforms here. -  Twitter,  Facebook, and Instagram.

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