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Remembering Cory Monteith: Abbie's Favorite Finn Dance Routines

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/10/2014 5:09 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Remembering Cory Monteith: Abbie's Favorite Finn Dance Routines
Media Courtesy of
Abbie Sedgeman

Staff Writer


With the anniversary of Cory Monteith’s death approaching, we wanted to dedicate this week to some of our favorite Cory/Finn moments. I wanted to take a moment to honor Cory with my personal favorite Finn dance routines. I love watching Cory dance, because he knew from the beginning he would not be great, yet still gives it his best shot, every time.

Cheerio Audition – Season 2

Finn’s Cheerio Audition is quite possibly my favorite Finn dance routine, because it is genuinely hilarious. There is the slight undertone of desperation as Finn was auditioning for the Cheerios, but as dance routines go, it’s pretty darn funny.  

Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way- Season 4

What I love about this particular dance routine is that Finn is trying so hard to show Mr Schue he’s serious and sorry. I also love the obvious difference between Finn’s routine and Mr. Schue’s, because it shows the main difference between the characters and to an extent, their teaching styles; Finn is talented, but a lot more simplistic, whereas Mr. Schue is just as talented, but looks for the harder, more complicated dance moves.

Gold Digger- Season 1

I loved the way Mr. Schue was teaching Finn the dance in the ‘Gold Digger’ performance, especially the way Finn moved his legs. But the pure happiness on all of the New Directions’ faces during this song cheers me up massively; even though there are only 6 members and the dancing is not particularly complicated, it is a really nice Finn moment.

Just the Way You Are- Season 2

This routine always brings a tear to my eye, as Finn directs a portion of the song to a person close to him. And then he dances with Kurt and it's adorable. Again, the moves are not massively complicated, but for Finn, it means a lot and shows how far his character has progressed. Finn went from yelling unintentionally homophobic slurs at Kurt, to slow dancing happily with him, as brothers and create the start of a truly wonderful bromance.

I've Gotta Be Me- Season 2

I love this, because honestly, Finn looks pretty good. Which is hard to achieve when you are dancing next to Harry Shum Jr. If you go back and compare this performance to the first 'Don't Stop Believin'', it's amazing how far Finn had progressed at that stage.
Let me know in the comments what your favorite Finn Hudson dances are, I would love to hear your opinions!

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