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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Rendering' Counts In Eighth Episode Of Marco Polo

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/20/2015 11:27 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Rendering' Counts In Eighth Episode Of Marco Polo | Marco Polo
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With Sidao not taken down in the previous episode of Marco Polo and Kublai Khan making his way to the Walled City, here’s “Rendering” to reveal how everything turned out for both parties. The bitchy Chancellor is back for good, keeping the Empress of Song imprisoned, allegedly for her own protection. With the Khan all over the place with his multiple armies, Wuchang has now fallen thanks to Kudai’s warriors. He soon joins the rest, for his daughter, Khutulun, to reveal her upcoming marriage to him. The Blue Princess is visited by her former lover, who wants to escape with her. However, that’s not really in her plans and he soon attempts to kill the two of them, so they can live together in the Blue Sky. Thankfully, her protector kicks his ass but he strikes him with a knife behind his back, before making a sweet escape. Being a master of the bow though, she makes sure he doesn’t get out alive. Over at Kublai’s land, Mei Lin’s daughter is in great pain as her legs are getting healed. Ahmad makes sure to pay her mother a visit and reveal his interest in her, as she suffers being tied and knowing that her home is getting destroyed.  The Empress and he later share that they can now use her once healed, since her daughter lives with them. Meanwhile, the Khan prepares to attack to the Walled City just as Marco Polo thinks he should do, even though Jingim has a different opinion. As a final warning for parley is sent to Sidao, he agrees to meet with Kublai and hear his offer. At the same time, Byamba and Kaidu’s daughter are caught by Jingim while getting intimate and as the lady leaves the room, the two men discuss the upcoming war and the explorer’s actions. The Prince doesn’t hesitate to show his doubt once again. Marco gets to talk with one of the captured men, who wishes to become a servant of the Khan like himself and is certain that he’ll end up being the winner of this battle. With Yusuf revealing the current situation and Sidao’s ignorance about his sister’s failed mission, Kublai is pleased by his inaccuracy of events. Things get a bit more personal with Kudai and Byamba having a word about war and Khutulun. Kublai’s wife is boasting that Sidao will not appear in the battlefield in fear of her husband and son, while still eyeing the Blue Princess for him. In the meantime, Ahmad and Mei Lin share their pasts, with the former revealing his parents were slaughtered by the Khan. As she tries to turn him against the Emperor, he reveals that her daughter is there and manages to get under her skin. Sidao does meet with Kublai and still ignorant of the Empress’ well-being, he declares war for good. The Khan is confident of his win and shows off his wife, before preparing the captured men to be slaughtered as Sidao leaves. The Chancellor is not really happy for being lied to and so he summons Mei Lin’s friend to his room. With her sword dance perfectly on point, his words seem to be controlling her mind and as he declares his love and disappointment, she kills herself. With Marco Polo getting friendly with that prisoner from before, Byamba soon gets to tell him Jingim and Ahmad are suspicious towards him. Once again, the explorer is advised to ride in a different direction and leave them, so as to save himself. When done with the talking, Marco gets to see that the prisoners are getting slaughtered and turned into a weapon against Sidao, his friend included. For the first time, the Latin takes the advice he was given seriously and packs his things.  However, the Blue Princess is there to stop him. As she reveals what happened to her protector in tears, she goes on to tell Marco Polo all the truth about who she really is. Their romance finally goes further, as they kiss and end up making love. Kublai is seen being worried for the next day’s battle, but his wife makes sure to boost his confidence. As they prepare for battle, Marco is advised to watch from behind, but he chooses to fight with the others. As they fight their way to the Wall, it all turns out to be a trap and the Latin is considered responsible for walking them down that road. As Jingim is ready to rip Marco Polo’s head off, Byamba protects him for once but what will the Khan decide? Don’t miss this great episode to find out and be aware that the next one can only get better.

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