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Resident Evil Revelations 2: Claire Redfield - Revisited

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

09/08/2014 12:58 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Resident Evil Revelations 2: Claire Redfield - Revisited | resident evil
Media Courtesy of Capcom/Push-Start/Arcade Sushi
Capcom just giving me reasons to go "yaaaaaas!!! slaaaaayyy!!" From the high definition remake of Resident Evil Remake (which I've already discussed here) expected to be released in early 2015, to the recently-unveiled news of Resident Evil Revelations getting a sequel, Resident Evil Revelation 2 that is also expected to be released in early 2015, Capcom is just doing everything right. Everything. I could just kiss them!
Courtesy of

C'mere, baby, gimme some sugar. Or zombies. Either works.

As a massive Resident Evil fan since its inception, as well as a avid horror (survival or not) fan in general, this tickles my fancy in very pleasurable ways. Naughty ways. Ways too naughty for me to go in depth here on PopWrapped. Point is, Capcom's Resident Evil franchise is going back to its survival horror roots, and it's what a lot of fans, myself included, have been waiting for. In the latest slew of things Capcom did right, they showed that they've been listening to us all along. They tried to appease us all in Resident Evil 6 by catering to those fans of the survival horror persuasion (as seen in Leon and Helena's campaign), the shooter fans (Chris/Piers' campaign), the action junkies (Jake/Sherry's campaign), and the puzzle-solving/riddle lovers (Ada's campaign). I, for one, did enjoy it for it variety, length, and "interweaving of several separate stories into one towards the end" aspect, which also tickled me pink as an author myself. A lot of people found RE6 to be a flop (I agree it wasn't as great as it could be, but I enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless), but I think Capcom was just eager to appease its original fanbase (the survival horror fans who were drawn in by the game's unique angle, codifying the survival horror genre) and the fans it could get if it appealed to the dominant genre of gamers, the action/shooter fans. Capcom's learned from its (adorably) over-eager mistake, and sought to redeem itself and regain its honour in an almost Zuko-like fashion in any manner save seppuku. So what do they do? Why, they give us what a majority of the fandom has been asking for a while now: Claire Redfield returning to the series as the main protagonist of a title - Resident Evil Revelations 2.
Courtesy of Resident Evil French Wiki

"And on the seventh day, Capcom said, 'Let there be Claire.'"

Claire Redfield (younger sister of Chris Redfield), who hasn't been seen in the games since her role as a main character in Resident Evil Code: Veronica X and the animated movies since Resident Evil: Degeneration (where she reunites with Leon Scott Kennedy exactly 10 years later after their game debuts in 1998's Resident Evil 2) is set to return as a major protagonist and playable character in RER2. Though she hasn't been seen since Degeneration, she's been mentioned as recently as Resident Evil 6, where Sherry explains to Albert Wesker's son Jake Muller who Leon and Sherry are (see: Resident Evil 2). In addition to fans being able to play as Claire once more, we also will be able to play as Resident Evil 1's Barry Burton's daughter, Moira. We haven't heard nor seen Barry (and his iconic narminess/cheesy lines in the original) since REmake, so it'll be interesting to see what Capcom has in store for what he's been up to. I'm sure we'll at least get a throwaway line about his fate, since his daughter is involved. It's also reported that Claire will take on a more "combat-oriented" role, whereas Moira will be support, tasked with healing duties and keeping Claire alive and healthy. This reminds me of the Chris/Rebecca dynamic in Resident Evil Zero, where Chris was the muscle and Rebecca was the genius young medic and only surviving member of S.T.A.R.S.' Bravo team. On top of that, it's said that the game will be single-player but support the co-op option. So if you're a lone wolf, good news. If you're a scaredy cat and need a pal to play with, Capcom's got you covered. More over (I feel like I'm writing an essay, albeit an enjoyable one!), Capcom's returning to its survival horror roots with this entry in the Resident Evil franchise, and there will be a new type of enemy dubbed 'the Afflicted'. They're described as "something quite different" from the zombies and Crimson Heads we're oh so familiar with and fell in (a platonic, non-necrophilic) love with. They are said to be fast and dangerous, able to deal considerable damage to the player, and effectively forcing them to decide between taking them head-on or sneaking about or running away. Remember: this is a survival horror game, so ammo will be limited, and you'll have to use it wisely, consider each situation, and conserve it when not needed. As well, Claire is said to have become a "seasoned veteran" since we last saw her. Friendly reminder that Claire was already a bad-ass, super competent character in RE2 and RECVX. She was always a bit of a tomboy (though I don't mean to say not being a tomboy makes you incompetent), but I wonder if we'll see her personality change for the darker, much like Leon's own sombre personality shift from RE4's sass to RE6's silent but determined melancholy. Finally, it's believed that the game will begin with Claire in a detention centre facility, not unlike her start in Resident Evil Code: Veronica X's Rockfort Island. The game, Resident Evil Revelations 2 also takes place either RE5 and RE6. The game's producer, Michiteru Okabe, has made clear his intent to bring something familiar yet entirely new to the table, noting that it would make an "itchy-tasty prospect indeed"; this is a call-back in reference to the infamous "Itchy. Tasty." line in the original Resident Evil where the Keeper, an Umbrella employee exposed to the infection via the T-virus-infected animals he tended to, chronicled his daily experiences in a diary while slowly losing his mind to the virus. The "Itchy. Tasty." line occurred when his mental capacities were reduced to the point he could only communicate in simplistic words, and that infamous cult phrase was written after he killed his (implied to be) infected friend/fellow Umbrella employee, Scott the Guard. The entire thing is actually quite terrifying. Come early 2015, it will be released on the following platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. I'm excited. Are you excited? Of course you are, because you're not a scrub. I like to imagine Capcom had a board meeting to address fans' questions of "Where the fuck is Claire?" and answered it with "In the next game we're releasing, duh." Things to look forward to (also known as "The YAS list"):
  • Claire Redfield returning
  • Barry Burton being somewhat relevant again
  • The potential of getting backstory/info on what Barry's been up to since REmake
  • Info on what Claire has been up to since RECVX/Degeneration
  • Maybe a follow-up on Steve Burnside?
  • Last we heard of Steve Burnside after his (spoilers!) tragic death at the hands of Alexia Ashford (after being turned into a monster, no less), Wesker said he collected his body for the unique strand of the T-Veronica virus he was after. Since he couldn't get it from Alexia, who fended him off (like a boss), he did manage to snag Steve's corpse. Wesker has died since (in Resident Evil 5), but there's still hope for this Steve/Steve x Claire (Cleve/Staire) fanboy... :'(
  • Will Jill and Claire ever meet, like Chris and Leon did in RE6?
  • Hopefully Alyson Court will return to voice Claire once more, as she has in all her appearances; I can't begin to imagine Claire without her iconic voice. *flashbacks to "There's a gun inside" line from RE2*
Things to not look forward to (also known as "The NAH list"):
  • How far away 2015 is. Here's a photo gallery on the official Resident Evil Facebook page of the upcoming Re-REmake to tide you over until then.
Here are some screen caps of the game: [gallery type="slideshow" ids="60116,60117,60118,60119"] Check out the trailer for the game!
Capcom is reclaiming its title as King (or Queen?) of the gaming world, or at the very least, survival horror. Yes. Slay. You're doing so good. "Early 2015" can't come fast enough.

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