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"Retailer Exclusives" Anger US Star Trek Fans Ahead of DVD Release

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/02/2013 1:33 pm

Rosie Clarke

Staff Writer

Fandoms everywhere are getting increasing perturbed by studios milking them for all they’re worth.

US Star Trek fans seem to be the latest group feeling capitalism’s cold, sharp sting.

Star Trek Into Darkness is set to be released on September 10 in the US, but only seven featurettes will be included on the basic disk bonus features.

If fans want to see more than that they will have to purchase additional copies of the JJ Abrams sequel. This is because some featurettes will only be included on disks sold by particular stores.

Advertised as “retailer exclusives”, these extra features will only appear on Blu-ray versions of the film sold by Target and Best Buy. Not to mention that each store contains DIFFERENT special features.

Annoyingly, JJ Abrams also recorded a commentary of the film that has to be purchased separately on iTunes. That’s at least three purchases if you want to watch every special feature!

A list of all these features has been uploaded onto the popular Star Trek fansite, Trek Core. These guys know their stuff, and eloquently explain what this means for fellow Trekkies.

“Let’s break it down: buying multiple copies of Star Trek Into Darkness in an effort to obtain all the bonus features can get pretty pricey, especially if you paid even more for the 3D/Blu-ray/DVD combo set… and God help you if you’ve already dropped $79.99 on that Amazon-exclusive Blu-ray/Phaser combo set, which includes NONE of the Best Buy or Target features.”

You can check out the trailer for the film here, and let us know what you think. Is it worth buying every purchase or will you just wait - fingers crossed - for the features to appear on YouTube?



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