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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'Revenge' 4x03 - Buckle Up Sweetheart!

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/14/2014 12:19 pm
PopWrapped | Television
'Revenge' 4x03 - Buckle Up Sweetheart! | revenge
Media Courtesy of The Examiner
Line of the night, right!? Revenge continued its hot streak last night with the 3rd episode of the season, titled "Ashes", and what a doozy it was!! When we left last week's cliffhanger, Charlotte left new found sister Emily unconscious in the Stowaway as it burned to the ground, but we got our answer to the problem in the opening scene. An upon arrival, Jack stormed inside his family's bar, discovered Emily out cold and managed to carry her out. When she came to however, she never revealed Charlotte was the cause. That unfortunately didn't last. Due to another patron at the scene, Jack discovered the truth and went off on Emily, who explained she had damaged Charlotte enough and wouldn't be pursuing revenge. Meanwhile, Victoria and David arrived to some cabin in the woods where they would be staying, but Victoria wasted no time in adding to their team: She paid Charlotte a visit!! Vicky told Charlotte EVERYTHING (minus Emily imprisoning her) after Charlotte confessed Emily told her the truth about her real identity. Victoria then took Charlotte back to the cabin to meet her father for the first time. I have to give mad props to James Tupper and Christa B. Allen in these scenes. Everything just worked and it turned out beautifully!!! It was time for a whopper of a moment: When David wanted to hear about Charlotte's life, Victoria interjected and proclaimed that Charlotte was the mastermind behind the wire taping that nailed Conrad and earned David his ultimate freedom and redemption. Charlotte was shocked by her mothers lies (really though?) and it was only then that Charlotte realized what Victoria was up to: Playing her own game of revenge against Emily!! However, the visit at the cabin took a serious turn when Emily decided she needed to try and get through to Charlotte one more time. After David left to get some firewood (how convenient), Emily showed up.... Only to be met by a menacing Victoria who pointed a shotgun at her!! She ordered Emily to leave, but Ems refused and told Victoria to shoot her if she had to. Victoria informed Emily, very cryptically, that she owed her much more pain and suffering and then told her to: "Buckle up sweetheart"!! Seriously, the delivery from Madeline Stowe was done to perfection and it may go down as one of the series' highlights. Emily then retreated before David returned and once he did, Victoria informed him Miss Thorne had shown up to "hurt" Charlotte, and that they needed to protect their daughter. Victoria ordered David to stay at the cabin with Charlotte while she went to try and figure out her money problems in the city, and he begrudgingly agreed. Not too long after though, David was seen leaving the cabin, with a knife in hand. Emily returned back to the former Grayson Manor where she discovered Nolan trying to get the security cameras up and running, and decided to call it a night. She knew Victoria was up to something but couldn't figure out what she had up her sleeve. With Emily asleep, and Nolan in the pool house working on the cameras (which were still down), no one happened to catch David entering the premises. David entered Emily's room, knife drawn, but upon noticing her sleeping, something seemed to click within him. Did he recognize her? It didn't matter though, because his visit didn't last long. The cameras were up and Nolan rushed in, and screamed for Emily before firing off a shot at the intruder. David leaped over the balcony and darted off into the night, and unfortunately neither Nolan or Ems got a good look at his face. The scene was SO intense, and you truly have to wonder if David hesitated because he recognized Emily as Amanda. Once again, the show delivered an action packed hour and this season is really on a roll for yours truly. As usual though.... SOME NOTES: 1. This whole storyline with the woman Vicky was in the psych ward with is intriguing somewhat. She definitely knew it was Daniel at the bar and is playing him right? 2. Margaux giving Victoria the loan is going to come back to bite her in the ass once Daniel finds out. 3. Flirting between Jack's partner and Emily: Do we like this? 4. Speaking of Jack, the scene with him and Emily and the photo of them as children? My cold heart began to melt just a little. 5. Seriously though, David totally recognized Amanda right!?

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