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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Revenge" 4x07 Recap: The Truth EXPLODES

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

11/10/2014 11:44 am
PopWrapped | Television

If you all thought Emily seeing David at the jail was enough....

Then you probably LOVED tonight's episode!! The hype for "Revenge" was pretty staggering this week, and it once again didn't disappoint. With Emily finally starting to clue in on her fathers actions while he was "gone", it was only a matter of time before we the viewers began to get answers too. The show didn't waste anytime getting things rolling when the opening scene included an unconscious Victoria falling to the ground. We didn't get any answers though as it skipped back 20 hours earlier. After meeting up with Jack, David was forced to learn that Nolan really did try and help "Amanda", and David also learned about "Amanda's" accident at the hands of Victoria. Nice usage of the shows history!! We all remember the tumble from the balcony that almost resulted in the death of fake Amanda. David called Victoria out on it, but she successfully covered her tracks, claiming it to be an accident. The moment then happened. Upon wanting to feel closer to Amanda, David paid a visit to Emily Thorne to finally "meet her". Emily was shocked and outraged that her father never truly recognized her. Emily's emotions poured out as she told Nolan what happened. Once again, Emily Van Camp left everything on the screen. Whether it was her eyes when she came face to face with David, or the anger when telling Nolan. The actress has been on fire this season, and I can't wait for more. Victoria meanwhile, had to cover her tracks as David made a visit to the strip club "Amanda" worked at. Thankfully, the Grayson matriarch managed to get to one of the dancers and paid her off to throw David off the track. Ready for probably my favorite scene of the episode? Daniel and Emily's confrontation!! It's been quite a while since we had the viewing pleasure of the former couple, but when Danny confronted Ems on her real identity, the sparks began to fly once again!! The pair traded barbs back and forth before Daniel asked Emily point blank if she truly ever had feelings for him. He never got an answer out her, but do you think she did? Probably not. In a huge twist of the episode, upon finding a key in the beach house, Emily tracked it down to a lockbox and got quite the discovery: A memory stick.....with pictures of "Amanda" when she was in the Hampton's with Jack and Carl. Does that mean David was always in the Hamptons with an eye on her!? This would also explain why he didn't recognize Emily as the real Amanda. The reveals didn't slow down and the final few moments CHANGED EVERYTHING. Upon viewing the photos, Emily became incredibly distraught, and rushed over to the beach house and began screaming at her father who was oblivious to what she was saying. She threw the photos in his face and exclaimed that he always could have come for her. When she kept referring to herself in that way, David finally reacted, grabbing on to her and noticing the Infinity tattoo on her wrist. The proper father/daughter reunion didn't last though, because as Victoria was leaving, the current storm had knocked a power line on top of her car and sent Vicky flying to the ground. David rushed to her side, and one has to wonder: Was it the storm? Or Emily!? This episode really kicked things into high gear and next week should be very interesting. SOME NOTES: 1. The Louise story is still boring, but the hallucinations? That's catching my attention. I'm also glad Margaux is okay, and kicked Danny to the curb when she found out that he bedded Louise.  2. Why the HELL would Nolan buy the yacht club!? 3. I kinda missed Charlotte. 4. Where does the series go from here? If David knows Emily is really Amanda...... Isn't that it?!

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