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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

David Goes After Nolan On This Week's "Revenge"

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

11/04/2014 3:50 pm
PopWrapped | Television
David Goes After Nolan On This Week's
Media Courtesy of ABC
Revenge ABC
WOW. You know, the hype for this weeks episode of "Revenge" was pretty high so my expectations were also... And it didn't disappoint! This week saw Margaux move forward with the planned televised interview with David, but he had some last minute demands, and that came in the form of one Nolan Ross. David approached Nolan early on and informed him that he thought of him like a son. He wanted him by his side during the interview. Unfortunately for our beloved Mr. Ross, he was being set up. If you'll recall, since David's return to the Hamptons, he's been fed the information about "Amanda," just not the REAL Amanda, AKA Emily. Discovering her and Jack were living above a bar was immediately a red flag, but we didn't realize he had pieced things together. Upon sitting down for the interview, David began to explain his "story": Locked up by Conrad, hidden from the world, and left wanting revenge on those who wronged him. He explained he was always determined to get back to those who loved him, which included Nolan. And then came the question: David revealed to Nolan, live on air, that he knew Amanda never received the millions he left for her, and Nolan was clearly devastated to know David thought that. Without being able to confess the truth about Emily's true identity, Nolan confessed he DID give Amanda the money but David didn't believe him. Remember, "Amanda" never had the $$$... Emily did. David destroyed Nolan during the interview, and he left in tears. Their conflict wasn't over though. David followed Nolan home and confronted him once again... Before punching him in the face! Nolan crumbled into a heap in tears, as David made his exit. I truly have to say that Gabriel Mann (Nolan) and James Tupper (David) were exceptional during this episode and it was a real highlight to see Nolan front and center. Elsewhere, Emily knew something was amiss with her father and ventured off to find the place he was locked up. While there, Emily made a few shocking discoveries, which she shared with a heartbroken Nolan at the conclusion of the episode: David was NOT a prisoner there! She wasn't the only one discovering some truth though: Jack's partner Ben was on a mission to find out who killed Conrad (which we know David did), and attended the funeral for the jail guard who worked the prison when Conrad was incarcerated. They discovered a bed hidden in the garage, and upon further inspection, they discovered the double infinity symbol carved into the wall. Now, Ben had no idea what it stood for, but Jack would have known. This episode was absolutely FANTASTIC and I can't wait to see where the story goes next! What did you guys think?


1. Props to Charlotte for finally turning her back on her mother. Admitting herself into rehab was a brave thing to do, but one has to wonder what the note was that Emily left for her sister. Also, now that the crescent moon guy is dead, how do we know there aren't many others trying to track David down!? 2. This Louise chick is driving me BATTY. 3. Still LOVING Margaux this season!!! 4. Watching Vicky and David embrace at the end was nauseating, and it seems the Grayson matriarch finally has her claws in deep enough. 5. Serious props to Gabriel Mann in this episode. For real. He broke my heart during the interview, and then during the fight scene. The line about his father was devastating. 6. Back to Charlotte for a second: Did she tell Daniel the truth about Emily!?

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