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"Revenge" Season 4 Premiere Recap: Tables Turned

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

09/30/2014 1:41 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of ABC

Season 4: Episode 1 "Renaissance"

Last night, "Revenge" returned for its 4th season, and yours truly is quite happy with how things turned out. By this point, everyone is aware of the awful taste the 3rd season finale left behind, so would the premiere be able to fix anything? Oh it did... but also left some strange feelings and questions! The action picked up 6 months later, and there were quite a few changes in the Hamptons: Emily was officially the owner of Grayson Manor with Nolan by her side, Victoria was still falsely locked up in the asylum, Daniel's cash was dwindling, Charlotte was dating Margaux's brother Gideon (as well as doing coke) and Jack was a cop in training. You read that right. JACK IS A COP AFTER A 6 MONTH TIME JUMP. (That was probably my biggest beef with the episode, but let's move past it.) Emily Thorne was the new Queen Bee. It didn't take long for Emily to tackle yet another takedown, but this time it seemed to bother dear ol' bestie Nolan. The conversation about Emily becoming an addict when it came to revenge was genius and showed how truly gone Emily was and maybe Amanda Clarke was gone forever. Their makeup at the episodes conclusion was fitting as it's really hard to see the 2 of them at odds. The episodes moved at break neck speed (giving yours truly season 1 vibes) with Victoria managing to escape from the asylum, and return to the Hamptons. She discovered Emily had bought the manor, and vowed to get her own revenge on her former daughter in law. Other developments since we last left off: Charlotte has officially become a coke addict and bed buddy with Gideon LeMarchal and Margaux & Daniel were not impressed. We also discovered Daniel "disposed" of the dead body next time in the finale, not wanting to ruin his family name even more than it already was. The 2 began to suspect that Gideon was working with someone to pull off a set-up. Look out Nolan!!! Now we need to discuss the major movement during the premiere:

David Clarke.

Unbeknownst to Emily (we think), Daddy is alive and well, and being aided by the prison guard from the finale. David secretly made his way back to the Hamptons and the conclusion came to be pretty shocking: He grabbed Victoria after her confrontation with Emily, and the expression on her face said it all!! David managed to knock her out before she could truly react, and fade to black.... So clearly Vicky never knew he was alive, but one has to begin wondering: Does ANYONE know? Did David really kill Conrad? What's he planning on doing with Victoria? And what is David's master plan here? What did you guys think of the premiere? Did you miss our beloved gang from the Hamptons? SOME NOTES:  1. Okay, rant time:  JACK'S A COP!? How exactly does one become a cop in 6 months!? I'm not sure the writers were thinking clearly with this development. When season 3 ended, Jack was being arrested for Charlotte's kidnapping. It was addressed in the episode, but never fully explained how or why charges were dropped.  2. Nolan's/Gabriel Mann's stylist needs to win an Emmy. Brilliant. 3. The only voice-over we got during the episode was from Victoria which is the direction I wanted the season to go in. No more route of revenge for's all Victoria now!! 4. I don't like Gideon. Dude creeps me out!! 5. Only benefit of Jack becoming a cop is the addition of Brian Hallisay as his partner Ben. The guy is a dreamboat and I'm looking forward to more from him. Check out the preview for next weekes episode:

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