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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Revenge Series Finale Recap: The End?

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

05/11/2015 9:32 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Revenge Series Finale Recap: The End? | Revenge
Media Courtesy of ABC


After 4 seasons of Amanda Clarke, AKA Emily Thorne exacting her revenge, and also being dealt with her share, the twisty ABC drama said goodbye.

When it was announced that "Revenge" wouldn't be returning for a 5th season, many had to wonder how the story would end. Showrunners confirmed that the ending would be slightly open, but also that they did have closure in mind.

So how did our residents of the Hamptons really say goodbye? And with a title like "Two Graves".....

Who wound up six feet under?

Upon realizing that her back was up against the wall, Amanda knew she had no other choice but to pull out a wild card, and that was to CONFESS to the "murder" of Victoria. Nothing was what it seemed though, as Nolan revealed to a shocked Jack that their mission was to actually get Amanda into a maximum security prison, so that they could break her out.

"Revenge" going out in its crazy style!!!

Meanwhile, the former queen of the Hamptons was sneaking back in. She managed to secure a fake identity from Margaux, and dropped a WHOPPER of a bombshell:

It was her mother's body that she left in Grayson Manor when it exploded!! Flashbacks showed how her mother, played by the incredible Adrienne Barbeau, beckoned for Vicky while she was on her death bed. The conversation quickly turned as menacing as ever, as Victoria watched her mother take her last breath. The finale wouldn't have felt complete without Madeline Stowe chewing through her scenery as always.

In a quick reveal, after seeing how hurt Louise was at her "funeral", Victoria decided to confront her dear friend and reveal the truth.

The bombshells kept on coming as a newly escaped Amanda hid away with Jack in the place where Ben was killed. They discovered it was Victoria's mother in the explosion, and also FINALLY discovered their love for one another. After 4 seasons of childhood memories, missed opportunities and significant others (RIP "Amanda"/RIP Aiden), our beloved JEMILY finally hit the sheets!

Anybody else squeal really loud when it happened???

Unfortunately, seeing as this was the finale, the happiness was short lived.

Nolan and David were quick to discover that Margaux had paid a hit woman (White Gold, played by guest star Courtney Love) and she was the one that took out Ben. Before Amanda could return to the house, Gold had struck and critically injured Jack in the process. Upon secretly arriving to the hospital, Amanda pleaded with Jack to stay with her, as Nolan seethed from the sidelines. Nolan vowed to take Margaux out himself, while Amanda had her endgame sights on Victoria. A surprise awaited the duo though, as Louise showed up and informed them she knew where Victoria was.

Nolan arrived to LeMarchal and LAID into Margaux for her actions, but in an interesting twist he managed to sway her to #TeamRevenge. They set a rap for White Gold and Margaux informed Nolan she was turning herself in, when the cops took Gold in.

And then for the moment we were all waiting for.

Louise kept true to her word and Amanda showed up to confront Victoria, and what a confrontation it was.

Amanda pulled her gun on Vicky, but before she could pull the trigger, David showed up and did the deed for her himself. Victoria fell to the ground and as Amanda pleaded with her father to not take the blame for this, Victoria suddenly fired into Amanda's back and she fell to the ground into her father's arms.

The show jumped ahead though, and revealed that Amanda had indeed survived her gunshot wound.....but David had succumbed to his cancer. Victoria had indeed lost her life as well.

Keeping the flash forward up, were were then treated to what we had always wanted:

Amanda and Jack saying I do!!!

Charlotte and Stevie were present for the nuptials as Nolan walked his girl down the aisle. didn't think "Revenge" would wrap up without another twist did you?

As Amanda and Jack sailed off into the sunset as newlyweds, Nolan was confronted by an unknown man....who needed his help clearing his mother's name....

The circle of revenge NEVER ends!!!

That's all folks.


1. What did you think of the Revenge finale?  

On a personal note, being a fan of the series from the beginning, I'm truly going to miss Emily Van Camp, Gabriel Mann, Madeline Stowe, Nick Wechsler, Christa B. Allen and everyone else that has come and gone. 

So long "Revenge".

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