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Live Review: Beck Blew Us Away At The Marquee In Cork, Ireland

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

06/17/2015 9:39 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Live Review: Beck Blew Us Away At The Marquee In Cork, Ireland | beck
Media Courtesy of Property of PopWrapped/Mairéad Scahill

Beck is a performer, in the truest sense of the word, and live at the Marquee we learned that fact over and over again.

Yes, the iconic Beck graced the Emerald Isle and gave us a glimpse of his subtle genius, all while riling the crowd up until we were ready to explode.

I, for one, got many funny looks for how loud I screamed “Black Tambourine.”

However, a performance by Beck is an almost transcendent experience. It transports you through the golden ages of music, into a culmination of genres that is uniquely him.

Beck could be classed as having the persona of a rock star, and for many years that was his shtick: being influenced by genres to show illusions and perceptions. However, he has retained this and it has become his iconic Beck persona. It is less of a parody and more of a performance, but is still musical genius in my humble opinion.


Property of PopWrapped/Mairéad Scahill

During the performance, I had an odd epiphany of realising that he was standing not 20 feet from where I stood—a real, genuine person—but his music transported us all to another world where we were captivated by the sound and the ever present aching for more tunes.

His rock influences started the show to kick off the audience, with help from supporting act O Emperor, who had a solid performance.

But Beck is in a league of his own.

He stole the show. Zipping across the stage like a speed demon, while showcasing some fly moves that had everyone in the audience slowly falling in love all at once.

He moved from genre to genre, telling a tale of music through the ages, and slowly his smirk turned into a smile as he grew to appreciate the audience nearly every iota of how much we appreciated him and his work.

The whole place erupted from the very first strum of “Loser”, the words reverberating around the Big Top tent while Beck bounced across the stage, clearly in his element.


Property of PopWrapped/Mairéad Scahill

Then, during “Country Down”, the atmosphere mellowed--but was no less compelling--as Beck veered into the country music scene before returning to his Rock persona roots.

The tiny songster showed us his moves and his music and the entire hall was captivated by a kind of electricity that only happens from listening to songs of this caliber. By the time he rolled out the crime scene tape, and we experienced the majesty of the outro, we were all hooked and desperate for more.

He even vogued, people.

By the last song, a rousing rendition of “Where It’s At”, the audience was beyond enthralled and much like Rose in Titanic, we’ll never let go Beck. Or Bork—as the artist proclaimed; Beck plus Cork equals Bork.

Don’t you just love a good pun?


Property of PopWrapped/Mairéad Scahill

He is a musical icon and genius, and to see him perform is a surreal and wonderful experience that I would recommend to all. Beck has a way of captivating an entire crowd and making them putty in his hands for his musical moulding, and no one complains because we are just so happy to be a part of the raw, musical madness and majesty.

Beck, I salute you and your musically talented ways.

Plus, the man can really dance.

All in all, it was a hypnotic experience and one that is likely to have me raving for days and years on end.

Thank you, Beck.

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