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Richard Linklater On The "Entitled Swagger" In 'Everybody Wants Some'

Marissa Messiano | PopWrapped Author

Marissa Messiano

05/22/2016 12:28 am
PopWrapped | Movies
Richard Linklater On The
Media Courtesy of PopWrapped

Richard Linklater, best known for directing the 90s cult classic film, Dazed And Confused, was back in Austin for the world premiere of the film's spiritual sequel, Everybody Wants Some. The film, featuring an all new cast, follows a college baseball team the weekend before classes start. 

As a ball player himself, Linklater's choice to use baseball as the team sport in the film was obvious. 

“Baseball to this is probably what football is to Dazed," he said. "It’s not in season; so that’s not a football movie and this isn’t a baseball movie, but it’s a glimpse at athletes and kind of what goes on behind-the-scenes and kind of the mentality." He also shared that he's wanted to do this spiritual sequel since 2002, almost a decade after Dazed

The film just takes place over the course of five days, but it's dense with character-driven story arcs and humorous antics. "In this movie they’re college athletes, so they have kind of this swagger, this entitled swagger that I’m sort of critiquing and laughing at and embracing. I mean it’s fun, but it’s kind of a fun thing to play with," Linklater said. 

Dazed And Confused became such a cultural icon, and Linklater feels as though Everybody Wants Some has the potential to gain the same kind following and do just as well.

 "We had a similar experience with just a great young cast," he said. "They’re so talented, so funny, and we don’t know the future of anything, but I think the film has that same kind of ‘hanging out with friends’ vibe."

Linklater went on to say that for him, the process of filming Everybody Wants Some was better than the process for Dazed. "I like it more," he said. "College was more fun than high school... and that’s speaking personally here." 

 Everybody Wants Some is currently playing in select cities!


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