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Television PopWrapped | Television

Rick Eliminates An Internal Threat In This Week's The Walking Dead, "Indifference"

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11/06/2013 4:01 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Rick Eliminates An Internal Threat In This Week's The Walking Dead,
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Dani Strehle

Content Editor

Greetings, Deadheads. How are we all doing today? I’m sorry this recap is a bit tardy; I’ve been trying to process the turn of events that happened on Sunday’s The Walking Dead episode, “Indifference.” This week, we pick up with Rick wrapping up his damaged hand; from what I assume are injuries sustained from his beat down of Tyrese. He’s looking all pensive and broody, so God only knows what he’s got up his sleeve, but I’d be willing to bed it has something to do with Carole’s admission at the end of last week’s episode. Next we zip on over to Carole speaking to Lizzie through the glass, explaining that she and Rick are heading on a run to replenish the supplies that were lost during the attack and infection of Cell Block D. Lizzie states that nobody has died yet, but that she’s ready for it to happen. She tells Carole that it’s sad, but that at least they’ll get to come back. Honestly, this little scene here kind of blew my mind, because even though this kid is creepy, she’s not wrong. When Carole tells her that, well yes, they get to come back, but they’re not the same; Lizzie shoots her down with a “Yeah, but at least they’re something. They’re someone. I’m little now, if I don’t die, I’ll be big. I’ll be me. But I’ll be different. That’s how it is. We all change. We all don’t get to stay the same way we started.” She tells Carole that she’s not weak, she’s strong, and so she is going to tell her how she feels. Perhaps Carole has rubbed off on the young girl, after all. Carole segues into a speech about what to do if there is danger: run. Yeah. We all know that Carole. How about a little bit of new insight, instead? She tells Lizzie that she can’t be afraid to kill when it comes down to her life and the life of her sister. She tells her to put her t-shirt behind her knife so that she easily access it, to which Lizzie responds “Yes Mom…I mean ma’am.” Carole’s kneejerk reaction is “Don’t call me Mom.” Lizzie apologizes telling her it was an accident, and Carole tells her “Just don’t.” Lizzie tells Carole that, while she’s not afraid to kill, she’s just afraid.  Carole told her that she can’t be, you must fight it, never give up. And then finally, you get to the point where you just change. You’re not afraid anymore. Carole’s insight on this matter may actually be helpful. Gone is the timid and battered woman that we were introduced to in the very first episode. She’s hardened her heart and become cold. Something we will see even more of in this episode. Our crew that went on the run are cleaning themselves up in a river. Tyrese’s negativity is palpable. He thinks everyone else is dead back at the prison, and doesn’t feel the same sense of urgency as the rest of the group to get moving and find the medicine they went on the run for in the first place. Now we’ve got Carole and Rick alone in the car. Carole is trying to justify her decision to kill Karen and David, and Rick maintains his stony and silent demeanor, offering to absolution or damnation. At this point, I think Carole wishes he would either rage at her, or tell her he would have done the same thing. The silence seems to be taking its toll. Ah Michonne and Daryl. There is definitely something brewing here. To be perfectly honest, I’m a bit stunned by the lack of sex in this show. I mean, I get it; they’re trying to survive and all that stuff. But do urges just dissipate during zombie apocalypse? You would think during down-time, there would be all kinds of banging. What else is there to do to occupy your time? I’m pretty sure condoms would be available when the group was on runs, so pregnancy could be avoided. I don’t know. I guess it’s refreshing not to have a show focused on gratuitous sex scenes, but to have none at all feels a bit unrealistic to me. Michonne, Daryl, Bob and Tyrese find themselves at a gas station where a fallen tree is covering up a vehicle. When Daryl tries to hot wire the car, he discovers that before that can happen; it will require a new battery. And as luck would have it, they’re right next to an auto body shop! Serendipity, I tell ya what. But, of course, they must fight off the walkers that were stuck in the shop first. Daryl makes quick work of his, but Tyrese seems to want to hug his walker. Honestly, I don’t know what he’s thinking on this one. He’s really just starting to pi*s me off. Yes, what happened to your girlfriend is devastatingly tragic; but she’s not the first one to die and she certainly won’t be the last. So do something about that chip on your shoulder and move the hell on before you get yourself or others killed. Cool? Okay then. Carole and Rick enter an abandoned house in search of supplies. They start ransacking the house when a walker emerges from the upstairs bedroom and takes a tumble. I suppose zombies haven’t quite mastered steps yet. Carole takes care of business and gets rid of the zombie, as they hear movement upstairs. Two people emerge from a bedroom offering fruit and words. They look a little desperate and worse for the wear. Carole starts patching up the blonde guy and hearing their stories. It’s a young woman and man, who have found love during zombie apocalypse. Aww, so sweet. Carole is getting ready to pop dude’s shoulder back into the socket; and trade she learned to do to herself after one of Ed’s especially violent beatings. These two are a little two sweet for their own good. The girl states that her leg was damaged during a fire stampede, and it never healed properly. Foreshadowing, much? Rick starts to ask his infamous three questions before we shoot back to the group of four at the body shop. Daryl is looking for any supplies he may need to get that car started. Tyrese and Michonne are outside talking about the little walker incident from before. Michonne tells him that he needs to try and get over it, because “Anger makes you stupid, and stupid gets you killed.” Tyrese asks her if she’s still angry about the Governor. She tells him that “if he was here right now, I’d cut him in two. Because that’s how it needs to be. But I’m not angry.” Tyrese asks if she’s over her anger, why does she still go looking for him? Her answer? “I don’t know.” Daryl and Bob are having a heart to heart about suicide and stuff, and their opinions are decidedly split. Bob understands why the attendants wanted to go down together, whereas Daryl says you fight until you can’t fight anymore. I’m with Daryl on this one. Now we flash back to Carole and Rick. Rick extends an invitation to the two young newbies, telling them that, while he can’t guarantee their safety, and they may very well die from swine flu, it’s at least a place where they can rest up and chill; at least for a little while. The two are enthusiastic and want to help scour the neighborhood for supplies. Rick wants them to stay put, as he doesn’t believe that they’re strong or healthy enough, well, to stay alive out there on their own. Carole insists that they’ll cover more ground if all four of them start searching, and convinces Rick to let them help. A decision Rick was not thrilled with. He tells them to meet back at the house in two hours, and gives blonde guy his watch. A symbolic gesture, to be sure. Daryl and Bob are talking about Bob’s past. When Daryl says that Bob has never told them about the group he was with before there’s, Bob’s response is “Which one?” He then continues with, “You know, when you found me out on that road, I almost kept walking.” Daryl asks him to elucidate, and Bob tells him that he had been with two groups in the past, and that he was done being a witness. “Two times, two different groups. I was the last one standing; like I was supposed to see it over and over, like some kind of curse.” We find out that Bob likes to drown his sorrows in liquor when the world gets a bit too quiet. He told Daryl that he went on the run from the first episode just to get booze. He blames himself for Zach’s death as his emphatic slamming of the bottle on the shelving unit is what made it collapse, and ultimately led to the walkers attacking; leading to Zach’s death. Daryl tells him it’s bullshit, and to shut his mouth and see if the car is working yet. You gotta love Daryl’s ability to reduce everything to its base and get to the important stuff. We shoot back to Rick and Carole scavenging in a house. Rick asks Carole is she thought it was the right thing to do to bring the strangers back with them. She tells him that she thinks it was the humane thing to do. When he presses for her to answer whether or not she thinks it was the right decision, she responds with “Look at us. Digging through drawers hoping that a couple of cough drops and disinfectant might be the difference between dying and living a couple of more hours. If they’re strong enough to help us survive this, then yeah. I think you made the right call.” Carole then implores Rick to react to her admission of murder. He asks her what she wants him to say. Carole tells him that it’s not so much what he says that’s important, but that he face reality. She believes that no matter how hard they run from it, reality always comes back to bite them in the ass, and it’s best to face it so that they can survive. Rick points out that by her saying “we,” she implies everyone deserves a shot at survival, even the sick. But she glosses right over this and says survival is what it always comes down to; the reason they get up in the morning. In possibly the best line of the night, Carole says, “You can be a farmer, Rick. You can’t JUST be a farmer.” Preach! She then tells Rick that he was a good leader, better than she gave him credit for. When Rick points out that he “never murdered two of our own,” Carole retorts with no, “just one.” Zing! Rick tries to defend his actions by claiming self-defense. When he tells Carole that “he was going to kill me,” Carole once again wins the verbal battle with a “So were they. They were going to kill all of us.” Carole wants to know whether or not Rick would have been on board with the decision if he knew Carl and Judith would be the next victims. “You don’t have to like what I did, Rick. I don’t. You just accept it.” Wow, I mean. Just wow. Carole is quickly becoming the biggest badass the Originals have ever seen. And good Lord; at this point in the game, that is really saying something! We shoot back to the foursome, still on the hunt for medicine. They find their way into some sort of building, perhaps a school, as they’re in what appears to be a lab. Bob is over in the corner doing something shady. That guy just does not sit right with me. Rick and Carole are back together stealing from a backyard garden. Rick asks Carole how she knew about the whole shoulder thing, and wonders if Hershel taught her. She tells Rick it was easier to pop her shoulder back in than explaining to the ER nurse that she had “fallen down the steps” for a third time. When Rick offers his comfort for her old life, Carole tells him to save his pity. She is now reminiscing about her life with Ed, and how she had convinced herself that she was actually happy living in fear. She never knew she could be strong, but found out that she already was. Rick asks why she never says “her” name, and Carole tells him that she’s dead. Sophia is gone, and nothing in the world can change that. “It’s somebody else’s slideshow.” I mean. I suppose it is necessary to close yourself off to heartache after experiencing so much of it. But to just completely close your heart, mind and memories to your only child is a level of stony that I simply cannot wrap my head around. Rick starts talking about some crap about Lori, and I’m bored. Because to be perfectly honest, I was glad when Lori died. I mean, I wasn’t like jumping for joy or anything, but I was perfectly happy to bid adieu to the woman that had caused so much turmoil. After their little discussion, they move on from the garden and find an overturn basket full of fruit on the ground. The basket the girl was carrying from the house before they split up in search of supplies. As they open a gate in the fence, they see the young woman being devoured by a couple of walkers. Carole’s reaction? “We should get back. Sam’s probably waiting.” Rick’s expression is one of shock, as well as resolve. Whatever he was considering, Carole just punched herself a ticket to Rick’s wrath of fury. Duck and cover, Carole. Duck and cover. The fab four are back and searching for more medicine. Bob was apparently in the medical field before zombie apocalypse, and knows the names and uses of the different drugs they get their hands on. This run has been suspiciously absent of threats. Which obviously means something bad is about to happen. Oh and there they come! Walkers abound. You know what would be a lovely change of pace? If the group went on a run and nothing bad happened! Boring? Perhaps. But that would REALLY throw people off, right? Nobody would see it coming! Give our people a break! Anywho, Michonne, Daryl, Tyrese and Shady Bob are now running for their lives. They find an empty room and breakout a window that just miraculously happens to have a sturdy awning under it; perfect for escaping from. And, obviously, below the sturdy awning is a throng of famished walkers. Shady Bob slips and almost goes over the edge, along with his backpack. He keeps his position atop the awning, but his backpack is being tugged on by the band of walkers, and he’s unwilling to let it go. The other three are imploring him to just drop it, but he refuses, and eventually gets it back. When it thunks on the awning, the unmistakable sound of a bottle of booze echoes throughout the scenery. Every person stops and looks not only at the bag, but at Bob. Daryl opens the bag to discover that the liquor is the only thing in Bob’s bag. Not only was he falling off the wagon, but he has not packed his bag with supplies. When Daryl threatens to throw bottle away, Bob puts his hand on his gun and tells Daryl not to. Daryl gets so far in his face I’m afraid he’s going to take a bite. Of all the people on this show, Daryl is the one I’d want against me the least. He could hide a body so well, he may not even be able to track it down. He certainly does not take kindly to the idea of somebody being sauced around the other prison residents and children. Bob tells him it’s just for when the world gets quiet. Rick and Carole are waiting at the designated meeting spot for Sam to return. Carole tells Rick that “it’s been too long,” but Rick wants to stick around for a while and wait for him. Carole tells Rick that Sam may be just fine, but it doesn’t matter because they have to go; people are waiting on them after all. Carole’s attempt at comforting Rick comes in the form of “It was a nice watch.” Carole thinks that Rick’s only desire to stay is to retrieve his lost timepiece. Who is this woman?! It’s like she’s been replaced with the zombie apocalypse version of a Stepford Wife! Rick and Carole are packing the trunk with their supplies, when Carole realizes that the doors on the Tuscon are locked. Rick tells Carole that “Karen and David, they might have lived. And now they’re dead. That wasn’t your decision to make. When Tyrese finds out, he’ll kill you.” He tells her that nobody will want her around once they find out what she did. He tells her that if everyone dies, and it’s down to Rick and his kids and Carole, he wouldn’t want her around. He would not trust her with his children. Carole tries to convince him that she’s the same she’s ever been. Carole states that she thought Rick was through with making decisions for everyone else; to which he replies, “I’m making this decision for ME.” Carole still believes that she did what she had to do. And then she refuses to leave without Mika and Lizzie. Rick tells her that that is absurd, and that the group will keep them safe. He tells her that she’s not that same woman always afraid of being alone, and that she’ll find another group that doesn’t know about what she did and be fine. Rick seems a little Stepfordish, himself. Now we shoot back to Michonne and Daryl. Michonne tells Daryl that he’s right about the trail going cold for the Governor, and that she isn’t going to hunt him down anymore. Rick and Carole are now packing up a car for Carole to take. They both seem to be, if not thrilled, kind of okay with the turn of events. Carole gives Rick a watch that Ed gave to her on their first anniversary. She wanted him to have it to replace the one he lost. And then off she goes, riding into the sunset in her station wagon. WOW. Just. WOW! This episode has left me speechless, honestly. I’ve sat down about four separate times to work on this recap because there was so much that happened, between so few people, I had to take quite a bit of time to process it all. And, three full days after watching it, I STILL don’t know how to feel! How can Carole be gone? She’s an original cast member! We have precious few of them left. I have a feeling she’ll be back, though. Maybe with the Governor in tow. That would be a delicious plot twist, wouldn’t it? Stick with me, Deadheads, as I continue to recap The Walking Dead for the duration of this mind-blowing season! [polldaddy poll=7539635]


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