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Music PopWrapped | Music

Linchette Marcel Releases Crushing Self-Titled EP

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

05/14/2016 7:22 am
PopWrapped | Music
Linchette Marcel Releases Crushing Self-Titled EP | Linchette Marcel
Media Courtesy of Facebook

I can’t say that I have ever knowingly heard a band from Vilnius, Lithuania, and if what Linchette Marcel brings to the table is any indication of the music scene there, then sign me up for more. With their self-titled album pulling no punches, this is one heavy and gritty alternative rock gem.

The opening track entitled “Water Rider” is a grunge-fest monster, worthy of being placed alongside anything Stone Temple Pilots brought out with Core. Everything about this track is high energy, and once it starts you just know that it plans on melting your musical face off. The inspirations are clear here, STP, TOOL, Filter, and other major 90’s bands. As an album opener, this was easily the right choice of how to properly introduce us to Linchette Marcel.

Following in the tracks of “Water Rider” is not going to be easy, but thankfully the very talented and focused Linchette Marcel is more than a one trick pony. The second song off this sizzling EP is named "King & Queen", and it does not disappoint. The guitar riff is catchy as hell, the drums are always hard hitting, the bass line is killer, and the vocals are beautifully devious. This track doesn’t crush the impressive “Water Rider”, but it does keep pace.

“Hurricane” is almost ridiculously machismo in its delivery. The actual song layout is safe for the alternative rock genre it is playing in, and this might be the least original track off the EP. This is not to say that this song fails in any way, because it doesn’t, it is to say that knowing what Linchette Marcel can produce, this track is slightly restrained in its composition.

The final track, entitled “Off All The Gain,” is the albums crown jewel. Rather than opening with an in your face tour de force style sound, this one slows its pace down slightly, turns down the gain a bit more, and allows us to truly hear the lead singers voice. I am going to guess here that this band truly liked STP, because where the first track sounded like something from Core, this sounds very much like something off of Stone Temple Pilots Purple. The track is an exciting journey that sinks its teeth in the further you delve into the track.

As far as EPs go, this one has all the markings of something very marketable. Linchette Marcel is obviously here to make a statement, and they will no doubt be welcomed with open arms by the many fans that hold closely on to the 90’s vibe. If you like rock in any form, alternative in any form, then you must take a listen to this exciting new band.

Linchette Marcel can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and their official site.


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