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'River Monsters' Crew Catches Castaway

Faeriesun | PopWrapped Author


04/26/2016 11:03 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
'River Monsters' Crew Catches Castaway | River Monsters
Media Courtesy of Discovery

Jeremy Wade and his crew were filming an episode for their Animal Planet show River Monsters when they caught a castaway.

The River Monsters team was approximately 60 miles off the coast of northern Australia hoping to find a Queensland Grouper (also known as the Queensland Groper). The cameraman was rolling when they spotted a cooler on the shore and then a man began shouting for water and started to make his way toward the boat. The man, who said that his name was Tremine, was reportedly separated from his boat two days prior while fishing for oysters. He had no shelter or water and quickly became disoriented under the blazing sun and 110 degree temperatures. In the video, Wade explains that, during the Australian "high Summer," Tremine may have lasted two, possibly three days. They found him with not much time to spare.

The crew pulled Tremine on board and began giving him water and hydration pills, which didn't stay down. They then brought him back to where the crew was staying and got Tremine medical attention. He has made a full recovery.

Stephen Shearman was the director of the episode being filmed. The episode, entitled "Death Down Under," was centered around Jeremy and his crew solving the mystery of six men who died in a plane crash. Shearman told Inside Edition that it was a fluke that the film crew ended up in the right place at the right time: the conditions in the water were too rough for filming at the original site, so they had to relocate. Shearman goes on to recount the details of what happened to Tremine prior to his rescue:

"[Tremine] was out fishing one day when he decided to venture off his boat in search of better oysters. He was told that the Sir Edward Pellew Group of Islands was only inhabited by a small aboriginal group and would be a more interesting area to fish."

Tremine, a roofer from Borroloola in northern Australia, is an experienced hobby fisherman and often takes short camping or fishing trips. He just didn't anticipate the conditions that day. Shearman said Tremine told him that he left his boat and took a wrong turn after a couple hours of digging for oysters.

"He had tried to walk back, got beaten by the sun, and made his way back to the beach," Shearman said. "Meanwhile, he had suffered from sunstroke and was unable to go any further. He then spent that first night on the beach, and the next morning he tried again, but the sun had gotten to be too much for him, and at this point, he is now trapped."

This happened to an experienced fisherman. It goes to show just how quickly circumstances can become dire.

This incident happened in November. Since then, the New York Post reports that the crew has stayed in touch with Tremine. One of the things they have learned about Tremine since then is that he has taken up smoking. Yep -- he had quit, but has decided to start again. He has made a promise to God and feels that, if he were still smoking at the time, he would have been able to at least make a fire with his lighter.


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