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Music PopWrapped | Music

Robert Nix Takes Risks With 'Once In A Blue Moon'

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

05/03/2016 4:33 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Robert Nix Takes Risks With 'Once In A Blue Moon' | Robert Nix
Media Courtesy of Huffington Post

Music is a powerful tool to voice your thoughts, a great way to communicate personal frustrations as well as personal victories, and, for the very interesting and talented Robert Nix, music is the obvious choice in which to express his current social opinions. With his latest album release, entitled Once In A Blue Moon, Robert is not short on words when it comes down to his raw and introspective personal thoughts. A bit of Gary Numan, The Talking Heads, and Joy Division, Robert is very much in line with some of music’s greats, especially when we are talking about rebelling against the corporate machine, which Robert Nix clearly does.

His current single, entitled "Won’t Go With The Flow", is a dark and frustrated admission. The track is off-timed, artistic, and daring, and it fully embraces the raw honesty of vulnerability. It should be noted that this is not going to be an easy musical pill to swallow for many. It is a song that challenges the norm, in both song structure and status quo thought patterns. For the ones who do feel this song, they are going to appreciate the breath of honest fresh air, for, as angst ridden as this song is, it is also a very hope-filled and optimistic journey when you dig a bit deeper.

Currently residing in Toronto, Canada, Robert Nix sets himself apart by the chances he is willing to take; songs like "Watch Us Fall", "Time To Make Up Your Mind", and "Stop The Cruelty (You Mindless Human)" are all shining examples of the capabilities of Robert Nix’s song writing style. Like an abstract painting, Once In A Blue Moon is filled with both color and potential -- what it is and what it could be are both so closely linked that, even with straight forward lyrics, this album somehow manages to come off very obscure.

As a fan of music that challenges the listener, of artists who daringly step outside the norm, I can say that what Robert Nix has created with this album is unyielding in its creativity. That being said, the content here is on par with the darkness of what Depeche Mode has brought us in the past, and, for many, that might be a road a bit too difficult to travel. For the rest of those listeners who care to see how far the rabbit hole goes, this might be an interesting addition to your collection of unique music.


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