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Don't Listen To The Trolls: Mourning Robin Williams Isn't Wrong

Jonathan Frahm | PopWrapped Author

Jonathan Frahm

08/19/2014 10:41 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Don't Listen To The Trolls: Mourning Robin Williams Isn't Wrong | Robin Williams
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Some people online are seriously asking why the world is mourning Robin Williams, "or any celebrity," when normal people aren't given the same treatment.

When you love somebody- anybody -it is a crushing blow to have them die, no matter how old they are and no matter the circumstances. Surely, this stands true with family members and close friends that we get to know personally throughout our lives especially. Sure, we'd maybe like to commemorate them in the same way a celebrity receives when they pass, but that can't happen. The world unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to know your grandparent, or your best friend, or your mother before they passed away. It's not that they wouldn't care if they didn't know, but in nearly the same way that your grandparent, best friend, and mother had shaped your life, millions of people around the entire world lives were changed by Robin Williams and celebrities like him. They may not have known him personally, but it doesn't change the fact that they looked up to him and had a certain level of attachment to him through the works that he's been a part of. The world had a special connection to this man. They loved this man and they respected this man, and situations like this, as sad as they are, when they are covered in this manner, encapsulate the love and respect that everyone had for him; and in a way it brings our world's isolated societies a little closer together as we universally mourn the loss. So, really; the world mourning someone like Robin Williams is not wrong. Should we have ever the time to universally know someone who was personally close to you and realize the respect that they deserved and the love that you had for them, surely they would be mourned in the same way; but don't be selfish just because "everyone should be treated equally." Generally, I agree; but a situation in which that occurs is virtually impossible unless we in the media choose to just... not mourn. Which would never happen, and should never happen, because those that do pass who are in the public eye deserve the respect. Your move, chief. Twitter  SoundCloud Facebook Instagram Tumblr Pinterest YouTube


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