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Rockstar Releases New Details About Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/11/2013 12:57 am
Rockstar Releases New Details About Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay!

Jeremy Chai

Staff Writer

Rockstar has released a first gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto 5, the next installment in the consistently popular, violent, and satirical Grand Theft Auto series, according to Digital Spy.

Moving away from its past games in which a single protagonist was controlled through the entirety of the game, GTA 5 allows players to switch between the three main characters with the press of a button. That`s old news, but it`s always nice to see how this plays out during actual gameplay. And it seems to work quite seamlessly, the AI taking controlling the other two characters you are not playing well enough.

There was also some footage of the new array of activities the game has to offer. Cycling, diving, flying planes, bounty hunting, and likely a lot more are all available for the player to enjoy. The video also appears to show that players will have more choice in the way they want to play the game – for example, during a heist, will they run in guns blazing, or will they take gas the civilians and take hostages?

RPG elements are slowly worming their way into modern video games, and GTA 5 is no exception. Rockstar has implemented an upgradeable skill system in which each of the three protagonists will be able to improve their abilities during missions, reports CVG.

The game releases September 17th for Xbox 360 and PS3.


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