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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

RWBY RECP: 01x02, The Shining Beacon

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

08/12/2015 8:50 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
RWBY RECP: 01x02, The Shining Beacon | RWBY
Media Courtesy of Rooster Teeth

As the airships approach Beacon Academy on this episode of RWBY, they dock and allow the students to disembark. The blond boy who vomited immediately runs off and barfs some more into a trash can, unable to hold his motion sickness.

Yang and Ruby walk up to the school's front steps and admire the institution. Yang compliments the view before Ruby gets distracted by all the students' weapons; Ruby is something of a weapons aficionado, and though she loves her sniper-scythe Crescent Rose very much, she also adores seeing new weapons. She says it's like meeting new people, but easier.

Yang questions why she doesn't just make new friends, and  Ruby says there's no point if she has Yang. Yang immediately proceeds to abandon Ruby now that her own friends appear, and Ruby, dazed and confused, falls into a pile of suitcases while saying she has no idea what she's doing.

So, naturally, a new comer approaches and asks her angrily, "What are you doing?" It turns out to be...Weiss! Ruby fell in her vast amounts of luggage, and Weiss immediately begins to snap at her, chastising her for failing to realize the amount of damage she could've caused.

Ruby profusely apologizes, but they fall on deaf ears as Weiss informs her that the suitcases are filled with dust, mined and purified from the Schnee quarry. She berates her while asking if she understands anything, that it's dust, fire, water, lightning,  energy. She holds a vial of dust with a stopper in it as she continues to lecture Ruby.

She doesn't realize it is spraying some dusty particles and Ruby's about to sneeze, and she does. This causes a chain reaction with the dust, erupting a firestorm explosion, with ice and lightning, all over Weiss. The vial in her hand flies out onto the ground and lands beside another character who is reading a book -- it's Blake!

Weiss continues to insult and berate an apologetic Ruby, until Ruby's had enough and says, "Hey, I said I was sorry, princess", only for Blake to come up and say, "It's heiress, actually." Weiss is glad at the recognition, before Blake continues and lists all the horrible things the Schnee company has done, prompting Ruby to snicker.

Weiss, angered, snatches the vial back and storms off while her servants tend to the luggage. Ruby turns to thank Blake, but Blake has already walked off, as she's the loner type. Ruby slumps to the ground, disappointed at how her first day is going.

A shadow looms over her and she notices that it's...Vomit boy! Actually, his name is Jaune, and they just walk around chatting and discuss her weapon and his, which is a basic sword that belonged to his great-great grandfather who fought in the war, and a collapsible shield that doubles as a sheath for said sword.

They make nice and become each other's first friends, before Ruby asks Jaune where they're going, and he says he doesn't know and that he was following her.

Aww, these cutesy little kids made friends! I wonder what else will happen?


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