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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

RWBY RECP: 01x05, The First Step Pt. 2

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

09/02/2015 7:32 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
RWBY RECP: 01x05, The First Step Pt. 2 | the first step
Media Courtesy of Rooster Teeth

This be the SAB back with the RWBY RECP for the PopWrapped on the Interwebs. Yeah. *cash money sign*

A Nevermore (the giant raven-like Grimm creature) is flying peacefully above the forest, only to be smacked into oblivion by a descending Ruby. Ouch. Fuck that Nevermore in particular.

Each initiate employs their landing strategy, with Ruby circling about a tree branch with her scythe Crescent Rose as a hook. Weiss uses her semblance to create glyphs with her Schnee family emblem on them to use as stepping stones in mid air. Ren uses the blade ends of his weapons to circle down a tree trunk, with Nora disappearing by his side. He glances up to see Yang, who is using bursts from her shotgun gauntlets Ember Celica to propel her faster and further.

Yang is honestly so fun and fun-loving and cool, she could not look more badass with her shades and carefree disposition. ILY Yang-senpai. Notice me.

She continues to propel herself further, before using tree trunks as platforms to slow her momentum and jump from one to the other before tucking and rolling, not missing a beat as she goes, "Nailed it!"

Pyrrha instead opts to wield her shield Akoúo̱ to just barrel through tree trunks before tucking and rolling onto a tree branch, immediately recovering to use her weapon Miló in its rifle form to scope out where Jaune is. Pyrrha turns the rifle into a javelin and shoots it towards Jaune in the distance, catching on his hoodie and pinning him to a tree. He thanks her, while Pyrrha, polite as ever, apologizes.

Ruby lands on the forest floor, determined to find her sister Yang. She wants to partner up with her, since she's the only other person (aside from Jaune) that she's on good terms with, given that she barely knows Blake and is on tenuous ground with Weiss. She muses on the possibilities of Yang being unable to be found or already partnered, and thinks of Jaune, noting he's nice and funny, but she doesn't think he's very good in a fight.

She thinks that Blake is mysterious and calm and likes books, but she doesn't think she'd be able to hold a conversation with her. She tries to think of who she knows in the school. There's Yang, Jaune, Blake, and...

Just as she thinks of her, she comes to a skidding halt before Weiss who turns to look at her. They say nothing, eyes searching the other's, before Weiss does an about face and marches off with Ruby begging for her to come back. *lmao* Weiss... You so cold. I love it!

Weiss marches through shrubbery, displeased, until she hears a commotion above and notices Jaune struggling with Miló, as it's pinned him to the tree via his hoodie. He notices her and laughs awkwardly while smiling, only for Weiss to turn around again and haul Ruby off by her hood, noting, "By no means does this make us friends" while Ruby just  squeals, "You came back!"

Jaune waves frantically for them, freaking out, "Hey wait! Come back! Who's gonna get me down from here?" Pyrrha calls out Jaune's name, and as some cutesy music plays, she asks, "Do you...have any spots left on your team?" "Very funny," he responds, crossing his arms and looking away, only to sport a smile a few seconds later while looking down at her from his spot on the tree trunk.  Pyrrha and Jaune share smiles. They're so adorable. Give me Arkos endgame, Rooster Teeth!

Ruby asks Weiss what's the hurry, and Weiss replies she's not going to be held back simply because Ruby's slow. She begins to grumble about not getting a bad grade, but Ruby simply speeds past her and makes kitty claws, surprising Weiss. She tells Weiss she's not slow, and that just because she doesn't know how to deal with people doesn't mean she doesn't know how to deal with monsters. She tell tells Weiss how when she's done, Weiss will think she's cool and want to be her friends, before Ruby speeds off again thanks to her Semblance (super speed), leaving a trail of rose petals in her wake.

Weiss dismisses this by saying, "You may be fast, but you still excel at wasting time!" When Ruby doesn't answer, Weiss calls out her name, before realizing something is off. She glances around and then notices glowing red eyes in the bushes. One monster steps out from behind. It's a Grimm. She's surrounded.

Oh fuck. Weiss, how ever will you get out of this one?!

What did you guys think of "The First Step pt. 2?" Tell me all about it in the comments!


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