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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

RWBY RECP: Volume 1, Episode 9 – The Badge And The Burden

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/12/2015 7:10 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
RWBY RECP: Volume 1, Episode 9 – The Badge And The Burden | burden

Let's get down to business with the ninth installment of RWBY RECP, yes? Yes.

*crackles knuckles and then neck, but not in a good way* ...Shit. Shouldn't have done that.

Alrighty then. Everyone's favourite Ice Queen Weiss wakes up all happy and Snow White-like (morning people are so...disturbing), only to have Ruby appear in her face seconds later with a whistle, startling her out of bed at the shrill sound. Ruby announces it's time to decorate, and they begin to customize their dorm room.

Ruby puts up a curtain she accidentally slices with Crescent Rose (which she used to put it up in the first place), Blake is organizing books including the licentious Ninjas of Love book that she seems embarrassed by. Yang puts up posters with boys on them, a hidden easter egg/joke in that the boyband poster is actually members of the Rooster Teeth staff (who do Achievement Hunters).

They decide there's not enough room and it's cramped so they change the beds to bunk beds rather haphazardly. Then it's time for class, but Weiss realizes they've only got five minutes to get across campus and bolts, leaving team RWBY and JNPR (who is across the hall) to dash after her.

In Professor Port's class, he is giving a lecture on the different types of Grimm and has a tendency to ramble on bombastically about the glory days of his youth where he was allegedly this great hunter and all his achievements and he was well-loved, etc. He doesn't come across as a douche, more of an old man who is fondly recalling his previous adventures with perhaps some embellishments and...creative liberties, shall we say.

All throughout the class, Ruby is fucking about and making jokes and doodling Professor Port and not paying attention and it's grinding Weiss' nerves. This is where the ending of the last episode boils over into this one. A keen eye will tell you that Weiss was shocked that Ruby became the leader of Team RWBY, and as she said when they first met and worked together in the forest, she believes Ruby to be too childish and immature.

Ruby's nonchalance and disinterest in paying attention, something that Weiss would like to do, grates on her nerves and she feels slighted and ultimately when Professor Port asks who believes themselves to have the qualities of a Huntsman/Huntress, she volunteers and is called to the front to prove it.

What exactly do you think will happen?

*inserts promotional Rooster Teeth plug here*

Make sure to watch the episodes on Rooster Teeth (website) or YouTube, and buy Rooster Teeth merchandise to help support the amazing company that brings you great shows like RWBY, Red vs Blue, and X-Ray and Vav amongst others!

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List of perks include:

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Ain’t that grand? I’m a huge fan of Rooster Teeth, even if I’m relatively new. I got into it for RWBY earlier this year (sadly, after the great and true soul of Monty Oum, creator of RWBY and crew member of Red vs Blue for a few seasons and beloved Rooster Teeth employee), and then retroactively watched all of Red vs Blue and wish I grew up with it (because 10+ years of Texas? Yes please. My fave. Please give me more Texas (I never thought I’d say that in any context).), and then watched X-Ray and Vav recently.

Rooster Teeth is truly amazing, perhaps my favourite company in the world (barring PopWrapped, of course), and I think they deserve all the support and fans in the world. Make sure to buy the first two Volumes of RWBY at the Rooster Teeth store.

Anyways, now that I’m done gushing over RT (at least for this article), what did you think of “The Badge and The Burden?” And more importantly, this deliciously idiosyncratic RECP?

Tune in next time for another episode of RWBY RECP!


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