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RWBY RECP: Volume 1, Episode 10 – The Badge And The Burden, Pt. 2

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/12/2015 7:11 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
RWBY RECP: Volume 1, Episode 10 – The Badge And The Burden, Pt. 2 | badge

Credit: Rooster Teeth

Continuing onto the tenth installment of RWBY RECP!

Weiss is now in front of the class and out of her school uniform into her regular attire (somehow, inexplicably, with no reason), and is cheered on by Yang, Blake, and Ruby. She, of course, chooses to call out Ruby and tell her to be quiet because she's trying to concentrate. Ruby apologizes, and Professor Port axes open the huge silver cage in the front of the classroom, releasing a boar-like creature called a Boarbatusk.

Weiss manages to defeat the Boarbatusk after snapping at Ruby for giving her hints and advice that she didn't ask for. Ruby was basically being a backseat driver, and Weiss wasn't having any of it. She was snappish, of course, because she felt she'd been slighted, but it's sort of understandable. I would snap at a backseat driver too.

Ruby catches up with Weiss after class and asked her what was wrong with her, only for Weiss to flip the script and ask what was wrong with Ruby, and drill into her about how she wasn't cut out for being a leader, was childish, didn't pay attention in class or take anything seriously. Weiss says she had studied and trained and quite frankly deserved better. She finished off by saying that Ozpin made a mistake before stalking off.

Ruby hears Ozpin behind her and he gives her a speech about how being a leader is a "badge" but also a "burden" (hint hint, that's the title of the episode). He also says he's made a lot of mistakes, more than any man, woman, or child, but he doesn't believe quite yet that appointing Ruby as the leader of her team is one of them.

This chat is juxtaposed with Weiss' conversation with Professor Port, who says Weiss' claim she should've been the leader is preposterous. Weiss is impudent, but Professor Port counters that Weiss' skill in battle is matched only by her poor attitude. He asks her if she really believes acting in such a manner will cause those in power to reconsider their decision. He instead advises her to not be the best leader she can be (griping about what she doesn't have), but instead be the best person she can be.

With Ruby, Ozpin advises her to take some time to consider how she'll uphold such a burden and daunting task of being a leader. Later that night, Ruby's fallen asleep amidst study notes and Weiss wakes her up, shuts her up with a hand when Ruby babbles, and asks her how she takes her coffee. Ruby says she doesn't, but Weiss insists, leading Ruby to say with cream and five sugars.

She tells Ruby she thinks she has what it takes to be a great leader, and then tells her her answers on her paper are wrong. Before she slips out, she tells Ruby she always wanted bunk beds as a kid. The episode ends on a nice note, especially for all those who adore Ruby and Weiss' dynamic.

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Ain’t that grand? I’m a huge fan of Rooster Teeth, even if I’m relatively new. I got into it for RWBY earlier this year (sadly, after the great and true soul of Monty Oum, creator of RWBY and crew member of Red vs Blue for a few seasons and beloved Rooster Teeth employee), and then retroactively watched all of Red vs Blue and wish I grew up with it (because 10+ years of Texas? Yes please. My fave. Please give me more Texas (I never thought I’d say that in any context).), and then watched X-Ray and Vav recently.

Rooster Teeth is truly amazing, perhaps my favourite company in the world (barring PopWrapped, of course), and I think they deserve all the support and fans in the world. Make sure to buy the first two Volumes of RWBY at the Rooster Teeth store.

Anyways, now that I’m done gushing over RT (at least for this article), what did you think of “The Badge and The Burden Part 2?” And more importantly, this deliciously idiosyncratic RECP?

Tune in next time for another episode of RWBY RECP!


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