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RWBY RECP: Volume 1, Episode 14–Forever Fall, Part 2

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/12/2015 1:57 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
RWBY RECP: Volume 1, Episode 14–Forever Fall, Part 2 | forever fall

Welcome to RWBY REC--, oh fuck it, whatever, you know the drill.

Cardin and his troupe of fuckboys beat up Jaune, but he says he doesn't care what they do to him as long as they don't touch his team. Just as Cardin goes to punch him again, Jaune's aura activates in a bright white light and Cardin hurts his hand and drops him.

Jaune's wounds heal, and one of the fuckboys whose name I don't care to remember or learn kicks him in the back, knocking him to the ground. Cardin threatens to beat him up again, but before he can, a giant Ursa appears, smells the red sap on Cardin, and goes for him while his troupe of fuckboys run away.

As the troupe of fuckboys runs away, they run past Team RWBY and JNPR, who ask them what's going on as Yang prevents Russell from leaving. He tells them that an Ursa is attacking Cardin, and Pyrrha gasps as she drops her jar of red sap, realizing that Jaune is in trouble too.

Ruby orders Blake and Yang to go get Professor Goodwitch, and Pyrrha orders Nora and Ren to go too, as there could be more Ursa. Pyrrha, Ruby, and Weiss (who appeared out of nowhere) arrive at the scene where the Ursa is terrorizing Cardin, who can't get away. Just as it's about to kill him, Jaune steps in with his shield, blocking the blow.

Weiss gets into stance with Myrtenaster, but Pyrrha tells her to wait, as she wants to see how it plays out. Jaune is fending off the Ursa, but can't seem to best it, as he continues to rush in without thinking like he did against Cardin in their match earlier.

Finally, he charges the Ursa in a final confrontation as it charges him, sword raised to cut down the beast, but as the shot goes into slow motion, Pyrrha raises her hand and remotely controls Jaune's shield which he was lowering. She raises it back up, successfully fending off the Ursa's attack and skidding it off the shield instead of Jaune himself, and Jaune manages to retaliate by decapitating the Ursa in one fell swoop.

Ruby is confused and Weiss wonders how Pyrrha managed to do that, and Pyrrha reveals that whereas Ruby has her speed and Weiss has her glyphs, her own semblance is polarity. Ruby thinks this means she can control poles, but Weiss calls her a dunce before correcting her and saying Pyrrha has control over magnetism.

Pyrrha turns to leave but Weiss asks where she's going and Ruby says they have to tell Jaune and Cardin what happened. Pyrrha muses on that, saying that they could, or perhaps they could keep it their little secret. It's clear that Pyrrha wants Jaune to enjoy his victory and believe he did it completely on his own. To be fair, Pyrrha didn't help him kill the bear, she just prevented him from being killed himself by raising his shield. Jaune earned that victory well enough on his own, with a little subtle help from Pyrrha.

Jaune goes up to Cardin and helps him up, with Cardin in awe, before Jaune tells Cardin to never mess with him or his friends again.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we never see Cardin again.

Jaune is on the roof in the next scene, gazing forlornly out into the distance, brooding on something probably. She asks him jokingly "No Cardin tonight? I thought you two were best buds."

Jaune apologizes, saying that Pyrrha was just trying to help and he was a jerk that he had a whole bunch of stupid macho stuff in his head. Pyrrha forgives him, inviting him down for pancakes made by Ren, only to tell him there's no syrup because Nora ate it all.

Jaune hesitates, before saying he knows he doesn't deserve it but wishes to know if Pyrrha would still help him train and become a better fighter. Pyrrha turns, smiling to herself, before walking up to Jaune and pushing him to the floor. Bewildered, Jaune asks why she did that, and Pyrrha informs him that his stance was all wrong and that he needs to be lower and wider to the ground.

And thus the arc that started in Jaundice four episodes ago is finally complete.

The next two episodes are Team RWBY centric, and some of the best in the series. Get ready for a doozy!

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Rooster Teeth is truly amazing, perhaps my favourite company in the world (barring PopWrapped, of course), and I think they deserve all the support and fans in the world. Make sure to buy the first two Volumes of RWBY at the Rooster Teeth store.

Anyways, now that I’m done gushing over RT (at least for this article), what did you think of “Forever Fall Part 2?” And more importantly, this deliciously idiosyncratic RECP?

Tune in next time for another episode of RWBY RECP!


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