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RWBY RECP Introduces Its First Installment With The "Red" Trailer

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

07/20/2015 9:32 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
RWBY RECP Introduces Its First Installment With The

Heyo! This be S.A. Bouraleh, your favourite internet voice talking unto himself once more.

I'm absolutely in love with RWBY  (pronounced "Ruby"), and so I thought I may as well honour Monty Oum's memory and Rooster Teeth's hard work by recapping it and hopefully exposing the loyal Poppies who aren't even bothering to be reading this article.

Ergo, in order to hype up RWBY Volume 3 coming out later this year, I'll be recapping RWBY from the very beginning...! Including all four trailers.

This segment will be called the RWBY RECP (pronounced "Ruby Recap").  Thus, the very first installment in the RWBY series is the Red Trailer. In it, we have a young girl with a Little Red Riding Hood motif kneeling before her mother's grave. This is the titular character, Ruby Rose, paying her respect to her mother who is deceased. It explains why in the actual show, so you'll have to wait for that recap.

As she leaves the snowy cliff top and travels through the forest, she comes across some wolf-like monstrosities, creatures called (Creatures of) Grimm.  These particular ones are called Beowolves. They attack her at once, but she disappears, only to reappear high in the sky with the moon as her backdrop, before pulling out a weapon that extends into a scythe that also functions as a sniper rifle.

And that's when you know this little girl isn't just a little girl. She's a trained killer.

She begins mowing down the Beowolves with ease, showing off her weapon's abilities and setting up the tone for the series. Music plays in the background, the theme song for RWBY called "Red Like Roses Part I". It goes as follows:

Red like roses fills my dreams

And takes me to the place you rest

White is cold and always yearning

Burdened by a royal test

Black the beast

Descends from shadows

Yellow beauty burns


These lyrics reference the other main characters to be introduced in the "White", "Black," and "Yellow" trailers. The term RWBY (again, pronounced "Ruby") is an acronym that refers to Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long, the four main female characters whose names and first letters also hint at their main colour theme/motif. Ruby's is obviously red; Weiss' is white (given that weiss is German for 'white', and her last name schnee is German for 'snow' (three guesses as to which fairy tail character she's based on)), Blake's is black (she's based on Beauty from Beauty and the Beast), and Yang's is yellow (she's inspired by Goldilocks).

After Ruby finishes killing all the Beowolves, the final shot is of her posing with her scythe behind her. The screen fades to four silhouettes, with Ruby's now coloured in and showing her appearance. The other three are shadows, and will be revealed one by one as the trailers debut.

RWBY is basically my favourite thing ever, so I highly recommend you check out the "Red" Trailer below!


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