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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

RWBY RECP: Volume 1, Episode 16, Black and White

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/14/2015 8:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
RWBY RECP: Volume 1, Episode 16, Black and White | Black
Media Courtesy of RoosterTeeth

The monkey faunus boy, Sun Wukong, is pleased that Blake is finally chatting with him. They've hung out together for two days, and she's given him nothing but small talk and weird looks. Blake asks him if he's familiar with the White Fang, and Sun says he is, giving a very derogatory view of them, thinking they paint a negative picture for all faunus.

Blake reveals she used to be one of them.

She says she was a member for most of her life, and it could be said she was born into it. In the wake of the war, faunus and humans came to an agreement regarding how faunus would be treated, except humans didn't really keep up their end of the  bargain and faunus still faced discrimination.

As a result, the White Fang was formed as a form of resistance, resulting in protests, rallies, boycotts, etc. Five years ago from the present time, the old leader stepped down, and a new one took his place with a far more vicious and militarized way of doing things. Subsequently, the White Fang became organized attacks, arson, stole cargo, etc. And it was working -- out of fear, not respect.

Ultimately, she left, deciding she didn't want to use her skills to aid in their violence, instead dedicating her life to becoming a huntress. She believes herself to be a criminal hiding in plain view, with the help of her black bow. Sun asks if she's told her friends any of this.

Ruby, Yang and Weiss are downtown looking for Blake, though Weiss isn't being much of a help. Penny comes out of nowhere and startles the others. She asks what they're doing, and they say they're looking for Blake, whom Penny recognizes is a faunus. When the others ask how she knows, she replies "The cat ears?" which confuses Yang who says, "What cat ears? She wears a....bow."

All of them realize that beneath the bow are Blake's cat ears, and, as a tumbleweed, passes by, Ruby whispers, "...She does like tuna a lot."

Penny assures Ruby she won't rest until Blake's been found, but, when Ruby tries to politely deny Penny's request and looks to Yang and Weiss for backup, she discovers they're already gone. Another tumbleweed blows back the opposite way from whence it came, and Penny remarks, "It sure is windy today!"

Oh RWBY. I adore your humour.

Blake and Sun are walking around, and Sun wonders what the plan is. Blake still doesn't believe the White Fang is involved with the robberies, as they've never needed that much dust before. Sun postulates: what if they were? Blake doesn't even know where to find them, and Sun says the only way to make sure they didn't do it is to go to the place they would most likely be if they were to do it and not find them there. Blake has no idea where that is, but Sun says he overheard something on the ship he was on regarding dust shipments from Vacuo. They head over to the shipyard to investigate.

Yang and Weiss are asking shop owners if they've seen Blake, and Yang confronts Weiss over where they find Blake or not. Weiss says she does care, but she's worried what Blake will say when they do. "The innocent never run, Yang!"

Penny asks Ruby what's going on, and Ruby tells her about the problem with Blake. Penny says she doesn't have a lot of friends, but if she did, she would want them to talk to her about stuff. Ruby agrees, and they continue to search.

Blake and Sun are staking out the shipment yard and they spot some White Fang members with crates, and Blake reveals she knew that they would be, she just hoped she was wrong. Turns out Roman Torchwick is working with the White Fang and Blake knows something is amiss, as the White Fang would never work with a human, "especially not one like that."

She sneaks out and holds Gambol Shroud's blade to Torchwick's throat, forcing him to reveal that he and the White Fang are working together. He manages to disengage himself from her and fights both her and Sun, whose weapon is Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang, which function as a collapsable staff, nunchucks, and shotguns.

They're both eventually bested, however, but, before Roman can kill Sun, Ruby appears on a rooftop. Distracted by Penny who asks if those guys are her friends, she gets shot by Roman's cane-gun and gets sent flying. Penny then steps up and tells Ruby not to worry, because she's "combat ready!"

A slot opens up in her back and a single blade pops out, which then becomes several floating blades that she uses to absolutely obliterate all those who stand in her way. Torchwick notes that "These kids just keep getting weirder" before fleeing.

Ruby, Blake, Sun and Penny are sitting on crates as the police arrive and try to figure out what happened. Weiss and Yang arrive, with Weiss staring down Blake. Blake begins to apologize, saying that she wants Weiss to know she's no longer associated with the White Fang, but Weiss stops her and tells her she's had 12 hours to think on this (that's how long she claims they were searching, despite Ruby earlier saying that she was gone the whole does time work in Remnant?).

She's decided, in those alleged 12 hours, that she doesn't care, and she just wants to know that the next time something that big happens, that she'll come to her team instead of someone else (it's implied she was going to say something along the lines of "some dirty faunus" or something, while looking at Sun). She then turns to Sun and tells him she's still not quite sure how she feels about him.

Ruby notices Penny is missing, and wonders where she went. Cut to Penny in a limousine, looking out at her friends, and a man we don't see tells her to be careful and she can't just run out into the city. He assures her that her time will come, and she sighs, replying, "I know sir."

The final scene is of Ozpin on his scroll, receiving a message from someone named Qrow. Sound familiar? That's the name of Ruby and Yang's uncle. The message reads: "QUEEN HAS PAWNS."

Who is this queen? And what does this mean for RWBY Volume 2? Stay tuned to find out!

I have some mixed feelings on this ending, particularly about how Blake apologized to Weiss instead of the other way around, but I suppose it was to show that Weiss is slowly gaining character development and that she is slowly becoming less racist/discriminatory and stuck up.

I thoroughly enjoyed the volume though. How about you? Fave fights? Scenes? Music? Characters? Ships? Let me know!

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Ain’t that grand? I’m a huge fan of Rooster Teeth, even if I’m relatively new. I got into it for RWBY earlier this year (sadly, after the great and true soul of Monty Oum, creator of RWBY and crew member of Red vs Blue for a few seasons and beloved Rooster Teeth employee), and then retroactively watched all of Red vs Blue and wish I grew up with it (because 10+ years of Texas? Yes please. My fave. Please give me more Texas (I never thought I’d say that in any context).), and then watched X-Ray and Vav recently.

Rooster Teeth is truly amazing, perhaps my favourite company in the world (barring PopWrapped, of course), and I think they deserve all the support and fans in the world. Make sure to buy the first two Volumes of RWBY at the Rooster Teeth store.

Anyways, now that I’m done gushing over RT (at least for this article), what did you think of Volume 1 finale “Black and  White” And more importantly, this deliciously idiosyncratic RECP?

Tune in next time for another episode of RWBY RECP!


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