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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

RWBY RECP: Volume 1, Episode 3, The Shining Beacon Pt. 2

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

08/14/2015 3:16 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
RWBY RECP: Volume 1, Episode 3, The Shining Beacon Pt. 2 | RWBY RECP
Media Courtesy of Credit: Rooster Teeth

Ruby and Jaune make it to the entrance hall where the rest of the freshmen are being oriented. Ruby talks to Yang about her awkward experiences, describing the encounter with Weiss, only for Weiss to overhear her and snap at her once again, giving Ruby a pamphlet and narrating all the legalities and safety information regarding Dust handling, after their little incident.

Ruby tries to move past that and, with Yang's suggestion, attempts to befriend Weiss, but Weiss isn't having any of that and lets Ruby know that in the most sarcastic manner possible. Before they can continue their conversation, Professor Ozpin, Headmaster of Beacon Academy, takes the stand and welcomes all the new students and sets forth the tone for their stay at Beacon. Ruby and the others note he seems a bit off.

Ozpin's right hand woman, Glynda Goodwitch, takes to the microphone and gives some requisite information regarding their initiation the next day. She urges them to get a good night's rest.

Ruby and Yang retire to their temporary co-ed dormitory, which seems to be a huge slumber party with sleeping bags and boys and girls. Ruby notes that their dad won't be too pleased with the boys, but Yang saucily replies that she is. Yang asks Ruby what she's up to, and she replies she's writing back to her friends who are still in Signal, because she promised to do so and she's somewhat upset she couldn't bring any of her friends with her. Yang says that's "adorable," before Ruby tosses a pillow at her face.

Yang said she's made a new one, Jaune, which is a 100% increase (I love Yang, she's such a fun optimist), but Ruby counters she thinks Weiss counts as a "negative friend," so she's back to 0. Yang replies that there's no such thing as a negative friend, "only friends and enemies." Ruby shuts her up with another pillow tossed to the face.

Yang cheers Ruby up by telling her she's got friends all around her, she just hasn't met them yet. At that moment, a light from a candle flickers on and Ruby notices Blake. She tells Yang she met her earlier, when she met Weiss, and Yang drags her off to properly make friends.

Ruby stutters and is socially awkward, not at all confident like when she's using her weapon, but Yang,  being a people person and big sister extraordinaire, tries to make headway and chat up Blake, who is reading a book and giving noncommittal answers, before making it plenty clear she wishes to be left alone to enjoy said book.

Yang deems Blake a lost cause, only for Ruby to inquire what the book is about. This surprises Blake, who rarely gets that question, and she answers it's about a man with two souls fighting for control over his body. Ruby and Blake discuss it for a bit, likening it to their world and their reasons for wanting to become Huntresses. Blake warms up a bit to Ruby, and Weiss comes over to dismissively tell them to go to bed because she needs her beauty sleep and can't do it with all their yammering.

They argue for a bit before Blake reaches over and turns out the light, signalling the end of the episode.

Now all future members of Team RWBY have met, and they don't even realize how important they will be to each other! Tune in next time for episode 4 of RWBY RECP!


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