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RWBY RECP: Yellow Trailer

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

08/03/2015 10:39 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
RWBY RECP: Yellow Trailer | RWBY RECP
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And now, I bring to you the much-awaited final trailer of RWBY...Yellow Trailer!

*crickets chirping*

...Tough crowd. Rude.

Anyways, the final trailer starts off with Yang Xiao Long, the last of Team RWBY to be introduced, approaching a club on motorcycle, the music throbbing and shaking the entire place. As the audience is treated to a view of the room, we spot a cameo of an antagonist for the series to come -- Roman Torchwick, a crime ring leader who is notorious for robbing countless dust stores. He is speaking with the owner of the club, a suited, bearded man known as Junior, who is being attended to by his two female bodyguards, twins Melanie and Miltia Malachite. They seem to be disagreeing before Torchwick leaves.

Yang approaches Junior at the bar, ordering a drink from the bartender, only for Junior to ask if she's a little young to be in here, to which she queries if he's a little old to have a name like Junior. Realizing she's here for him, he asks what she wants, condescending, asking her name, only for Yang to respond by saying she has many names, but he can call her "sir," as she grips him by the balls.

She says it's said that he knows everything that goes on around the town, so she asks him about a person whose picture she pulls up on her scroll (like a futuristic phone). He swears he doesn't know anything about her. He tells Yang to let him go if she wishes to leave alive, and she obliges him.

Junior is upset, but Yang teases him, saying she was just playing, and asks if they can kiss and make up. Junior agrees, and just before he can lock lips with her, she sends him flying with a punch.

Weapons are brought out by the henchmen and clubgoers flee, before Yang takes them on. Her weapons, gauntlets that also function as shotguns, known as Ember Celica, are pumped and loaded and she begins to beat the shit out of them all.

After thoroughly trouncing the lower henchmen, she engages the twins Melanie and Miltia (her actual name is Miltiades, but everyone calls her Miltia), Miltia asking "Who is that girl, Melanie?" to which she replies, "I dunno, Miltia, but we should teach her a lesson." And they do.

They are far more competent than the lackeys, with older twin Melanie being somewhat more of a threat to Yang than her sister Miltia. Miltia gets knocked flying after a while, no longer able to use her fighting-claw style attack, while Melanie and her bladed, arched heels manage to mirror and counter Yang's footwork and keep up with her. However, Yang notices this and after studying her tactics, she switches it up, catches Melanie off guard, and pulls her by the arm before knocking her out with a kick to the face.

Junior then enters the fray with his missile launcher/bat combo, firing the missiles before Yang dodges and shoots them out of the sky, only for Junior to knock her back with the bat. She gets up and enters her super saiyan mode, hair glowing and fire surrounding her as she dashes towards Junior and dodges his missiles like a boxer evades swings. She begins beating him up with jabs here and there, before sending him flying.

However, he manages to snag a lock of her hair and, upon seeing this, Yang is enraged and becomes engulfed in blazing flames before racing towards Junior and hitting him with such fury he is sent flying out of the window of his own club that he owns (or manages). Yang follows him outside, only to be seen by Ruby, who questions if it's Yang. Yang says, "Oh, hey sis!" and laughs when Ruby asks what she's doing there, the Yellow Trailer coming to a close.

Things to note: Don't fuck with Yang's hair. Don't fuck with Yang at all, because she will fuck you up. Also, she's based on Goldilocks. And her eyes change from purple to red when she's enraged or (presumably) when using her semblance, which is revealed later on.

Are you excited for RWBY RECP episode one? Me neither. Ciao!


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