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Ryan Reynolds Pokes Fun At Hugh Jackman In Crash Interview

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
02/22/2016 7:11 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Ryan Reynolds Pokes Fun At Hugh Jackman In Crash Interview | hugh jackman
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I know what you're thinking: "How can someone like Ryan Reynolds be that funny in Deadpool and STILL have enough funny leftover to crack jokes with Hugh Jackman?"

Well, quite simply, he's Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds and Jackman have more in common than their alternate personas care to admit: they are both part-time superheros. Even though we didn't see him in the last Marvel film, Jackman was still given the full Deadpool treatment in Reynolds' impromptu interview. He was a pretty good sport as Reynolds asked him questions with increasing levels of inappropriateness.

What kinds of inappropriate questions? Think of something you'd want to ask Hugh Jackman, then put it in Ryan Reynolds' mouth. That's basically what we got, and it was beautiful.

"Did you guys get any notes from the studio to maybe sew Eddie's mouth shut and make lasers shoot from his eyes?" Reynolds asked, deadpan.

"Y'know, I didn't," Jackman responded, playing along, "but I thought it'd be a great idea. As a story, it

totally makes sense."

Now we all know the effects Hollywood can have on some actors. Leonardo Di Capprio has aged pretty well since his Titanic days, and Johnny Depp can still rock the guy-liner with the best of the pirates. Reynolds threw in some classy questions, too, asking if Jackman ever really aged. This is in keeping with Wolverine's mutant ability to heal quickly, which also keeps him looking pretty much the same throughout the X-Men films.

But just because he doesn't visibly age doesn't mean he can't die.

Another fun question: "How much of Hugh Jackman's immense success is raw talent and how much is just advantageous bone structure?"

Well? Curious minds want to know! You have to admit, he has a pretty amazing set of cheekbones––and that smile could reach across the Marvel/DC divide and melt Killer Frost.

Check out the rest of the interview below:


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