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Sabotage, Surprise, And A Wacky Immunity Challenge On This Week's Survivor

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/28/2014 12:59 am
PopWrapped | Television
Sabotage, Surprise, And A Wacky Immunity Challenge On This Week's Survivor
Media Courtesy of Baltimore Sun

Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer


Whoa, this season of Survivor so far has been all killer, no filler, and as Tony put it, this week we got two for the price of one. After Cliff was blindsided last week, Lindsey knew she was on the bottom, but instead of lying low, and going forward, she did the exact opposite.  After having a massive argument with Trish, she storms off and calls in Jeff for the quit.  Now there are certain situations I can respect the quit, say Jenna Morasca in All Stars, or Kathy Sleckman in Micronesia, but this was not one I couldn’t respect.  She couldn’t even deal with going back to her tribe and breaking the news to them herself, instead getting Jeff to tell Solana. The next day at the reward challenge, the other tribe was beside themselves that they now had a 7-5 advantage, and that former the NBA player, Cliff, is gone.  This reward was done previously less than four seasons ago, but it’s one of those that make for exciting television. In the end, Woo is able to beat Spencer in the final round, and gives them the win.  Their reward?  Getting to go to the other tribe’s camp, and take valuable items. It is decided at the challenge that Tony and Woo will be the ones picking items to steal.  This should be good.  Anything that involves Tony is pure gold.  And, I’m not wrong here. Not only does he take some items, leading to a sad Aparri, but he also tries to screw over Jeremiah by giving him a clue to a idol, that isn’t even for that camp, in front of everyone. He now has a massive target on his back. Back with his own tribe, Tony tells them what he just pulled, and lets them all know, now of all times, that he is a cop.  It wasn’t the best idea, but it is then and there that they make a final five plan. Could the winner be among these five? The immunity challenge is a bit of a long one.  First, they have to make stairs out of poles, to climb up to go through a vertical maze, go down a slide, one person has to get a key through some ropes, someone has to use the key to unlock a machete, then using the machete they can climb a rope, which will release puzzle pieces, and the finished puzzle will show numbers, so they can use them to raise a flag. As you can see from that long ass sentence that it was a long challenge, but still looked like fun.  Even though Aparri had a solid lead, Solana manage to get the puzzle done faster.  Tony continues to amaze me by yelling out, “Top 5!  Top 5 baby!” for EVERYONE to hear.  With a merge coming next week, not the best move. The plan at camp is made to take out Jeremiah, but somewhere down the line everybody's plan changed and an unknowing Alexis was shown the door. She didn’t take it well either. Well the merge is next week, and things are about to get crazy, among the remaining eleven survivors.

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