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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

SAB's Shout Outs - Killer Duck Decals

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

09/20/2015 6:05 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
SAB's Shout Outs - Killer Duck Decals | Killer Duck Decals
Media Courtesy of

Originally, I was going to do this article in the extremely humourous if played out EXTREME ADVERTISING style (SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND LISTEN SIDEWAYS YOU LITTLE SHITS AS I TELL YOU ABOUT THE MOST AMAZING THING I'VE EVER COME ACROSS IN MY MUNDANE WICKED-AWESOME NINE-THOUSAND YEAR LIFESPAN!!!111), but I decide to play this one seriously because this is a serious topic.

*sits down, puts on serious face, takes dramatic pause and gazes stoically into the camera*

Now sit down, shut up, and listen sideways you little shits as I tell you about the most amazing thing I've ever come across in my mundane wicked-awesome nine-thousand-year lifespan.

You've got a keyboard, right? It's probably gray. Black if you're lucky. Plain and boring. Keys don't stand out. It's pretty drab and unremarkable, despite the fact I just remarked about it.

Golly gee. Don't you just wish there were some things you could put on it to make them...prettier? More colourful? More adorable and just eye-catching and amazing?

Sadly, nothing like that exists.

What? My April Fools' joke is too late? Or early? *glances at calendar* My God, mysterious abstract voice taking the form of text in this text box! You're right!

Well, in that case, something like that does exist.

You've heard of decals. Things to put on your laptop or phone or device to personalize them. Some cute laptop cover. A nice phone case. Something that catches your interests, caters to your fandoms, and is generally balls-off-the-walls awesome.

Well, get ready for...





*clears throat*

Yes, dear reader. Beloved little puppet Poppet. Ol' buddy, ol' pal. I am endowing you with a wonderful secret.

Killer Duck Decals is literally a godsend. I'm 100% convinced they descended from the heavens, came with God's blessing, and came down unto us mere mortals as the clouds parted, the sun shone down, and a choir of heavenly angels sang hymns and spit some Nicki Minaj rap verses.

One of the members, Tom is genuinely one of the sweetest and kindest internet individuals/packets of binary code data I have ever had the pleasure to converse with. He is pleasant, cordial, generous and prompt in his service. The people (or robots? Killer ducks? KILLER ROBOT DUCKS???) have such amazing art, service, prices, and literally everything.

The killer robot ducks at Killer Duck Decals do have things for different things. Differently. Said differently things include:

  1. Phone skins

  2. Laptop skins

  3. Kindle skins

  4. Human skins*

  5. Headphones skins

  6. And more!

The keyboard ones are mostly meant for Macbooks, but honestly, they fit both my previous Asus and my current HP Spectre X360 (with a little snip here, a little magic there).

My personal favourites are the Superhero keyboard skin and the Video Game characters skin.

Look how amazing they are, in a mish-mash mix-up on my keyboard!

(Courtesy of Killer Duck Decals/SAB)

As you can see, that's my HP Spectre X360. And here's what it looks like with all the keyboard stickers on.

(Courtesy of Killer Duck Decals/SAB)

Naturally, I used a combo of both, so if ever I decide to get a new laptop or something, I still have the other half to add on and cry over their beauty.

Most items at their shop are about $12, some are $9 and some $7. Some are a bit higher but that's because they're for bigger things or take more time/effort to make, I'd imagine. Or maybe that's just the revenue the Killer Robot Ducks are trying to generate to fund their army and launch their bid for a hostile take-over of the world.

I, for


, welcome our new Anatidaen overlords.

Shipping for me (as a Canadian) is about a little over $5 dollars and the items come pretty quickly. Definitely would buy again. As it stands, I am just spreading the word and helping out and doing my part to  facilitate a smoother transition once the hostile takeover plan begins.

The Killer Duck Decals folks are some of the most genuine and sweet people and I highly, highly recommend you check out their highly, highly quality stuff. That last sentence is probably grammatically incorrect, but if you don't buy stuff from them, YOU'RE grammatically incorrect. Ha!

Trust me, this is the best decision you'll never regret ever since you decided to look cute with your bad self. Go on you. Keep on stuntin'.

Anyways, this has been SAB with a PSA for all you lovely folk who have no idea what you're missing, and now do if you don't cop a couple of the items right now!

I've done my good deed for the night. You're welcome, general populace. And thank you, Killer Duck Decals. You're the hero we need, but not the one we deserve, because you're too good, too pure. A delicious cinnamon roll. Thank you for your service.

As usual, keep up with PopWrapped to catch all your popular needs (like these wildly popular decals)!


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