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Exclusive: Sariah Delivers A Dangerously Sexy 'Cold Blooded' Music Video

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

07/04/2016 12:04 pm
Exclusive: Sariah Delivers A Dangerously Sexy 'Cold Blooded' Music Video | Sariah
Media Courtesy of Sariah

Courtesy of Sariah

Rising pop vixen Sariah serves a dangerously sexy look and some serious attitude in her "Cold Blooded" music video, and we've got the first peek!

Serving a big voice and a fun pop perspective, pop hitmaker Sariah is back on the scene with the release of her latest single "Cold Blooded." The track was a standout number on last year's Queen of Hearts release, and after receiving a handful of remixes it's finally seeing an official release with a music video and all!

The darkly pulsing track has received an appropriately brooding visual, as Sariah serves fierce looks after sneaking out of a lover's den. All decked out in lace and leather, the Queen of Hearts siren moves to the streets to serve a seductive strut. The visual is sexy and powerful, the perfect compliment to the artist's beloved track!

We at PopWrapped are happy to have teamed up with Sariah to bring fans an exclusive first peek at the "Cold Blooded" music video! Check it out below!

Sariah also took the time to answer some questions we had for her about the track, her plans for the rest of the year, and her favorite things! The interview revealed some hot details about upcoming music and her creative process, so take a peek at what she had to say below!


PopWrapped: What made you decide to move forward with "Cold Blooded" as a single of Queen of Hearts?


Sariah: "Cold Blooded" is my most personal single from my Queen of Hearts EP. Being in the studio and creating this song was so powerful for me because I felt it was the first time I could speak about my experiences in the music business.  My producer, Ruwanga, captured the intensity so incredibly and Soaky, my writer, put together the message exactly how I wanted it!  It was a really emotionally empowering session.  I am so thankful for my amazing team and can't wait for the world to see the video!


PW: Can you take us through the inspiration behind the video for "Cold Blooded?"


S: The inspiration for the video is being a cold blooded romantic!


PW: It seems as though the visual for the project showcases a simpler aesthetic than your previous efforts, was that a conscious effort?


S: Yes absolutely!  As an artist, I am very careful about making sure there is a thread going through each and every part of my project which in the end brings it all together.  I love what the Queen of Hearts EP stands for and I want to empower everyone who listens to it!


PW: You're getting ready to hit the recording studio to work on a followup for Queen of Hearts. How would you say that your sound has evolved since the release of your album last year?

S: I am actually answering these questions as I have just finished my first session for the new album.  It is beyond exciting to be in the studio, because I feel like I am able to express myself vocally more and more with each new project and song we do.  I am so thankful for my team who pushes me to reach higher limits with every line, harmony, and melody.  I can't wait for tomorrow and can't wait for what each session brings!


PW: Are there any tracks that are already written that you're looking forward to recording? If so can you give us a little teaser about one of them?


S: Oh yes!  I have worked on a new song for my lipstick line and it involves being completely bold and beautiful in your gorgeous skin!


PW: Over the last year you've spent quite a bit of time performing in New York. What is your favorite thing about being onstage?


S: Performing is why I do everything I do.  It is the reason I create music and the reason why I also love being in the studio.  The studio is like a constant performance.  I love performing and feeding off of people's energy.  I love making connections with those who love music and feel the emotional connection of the lyrics.  I love taking people through an experience!


PW: Would you say that spending so much time onstage has helped you develop your sound at all?


S: Yes, I think every performance makes me a stronger person overall.  Vocally, I am so thankful to have been performing so much this year because it has also helped my vocal performance in the studio.  I love performing every single day and want to do that until I'm 99 :)


PW: Other than recording do you have any other plans for the remainder of 2016? Where can we see you?


S: My biggest goal for after our recording sessions is to go to LONDON!  I have plans to perform and write there!


PW: What is your favorite part of what you do?


S:  Performing and creating relationships with my hearts and my team.  It is a forever journey that I love and am so grateful to have.


PW: Do you have any parting words for your fans?


S: Please keep in touch! I love social media and I LOVE connecting with all of you.  I love your feedback, I love hearing how you feel about each song, and I love sending you exclusive music!  Always follow your dreams and never let anyone tell you otherwise.  You have everything you need inside of you!  Go get it!


Your Queen of Hearts


What do you think of Sariah's latest effort and her plans for the rest of the year? Let us know in the comments below!


Keep up to date with future releases from Sariah by following her at her website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


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