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Sashay, Shantay: Rappers Raid The Runway On RuPaul's Drag Race

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/01/2014 1:35 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Sashay, Shantay: Rappers Raid The Runway On RuPaul's Drag Race
Media Courtesy of LogoTV

Boxxa Vine

Staff Writer


Let's get right up into this gig, another week another chance for emotions, runway, and this week 90s style rap videos! But before we get into that let's start with, my personal favorite, mini challenge…reading. All T all shade Trinity totally pulled a cop out and read herself but she wasn't funny, GASP, and once again seemed over it, shocker. If you don't want to be here, then go home. Not only did Bianca slay this reading challenge she has proved time and time again how fundamental reading can be because without it she wouldn't have a career. All T all shade she somehow comes up short to Miss Darienne Lake who wins the mini and gets the chance to pick the teams for this week which is "Oh No She Better Don't" a 90s style rap song with lyrics looks and choreography by the girls themselves.

Team Darienne Lake: The Panty Hos

Bringing to the stage is Darienne's hand picked team of Laganja Estranja (a known rapper), Bianca Del Rio (a known comedian), Adore Delano, and Courtney Act (two know singers from American and Australian Idol). Adore takes the lead right off as a top pick this week and then Bianca and Courtney keeping up the momentum of the team going right for a challenge win. Now we take a step back with Laganja all but crying, for now, when she keeps messing up her lyrics and breaking down while Darienne starts out her performance by taking out a piece of the set with a fumble standing up then almost taking out her team when she fumbles her performance, lyrics, and look.

Team Others: Ru-Tang Clan

BenDeLaCreme, Milk, Joslyn Fox, and Trinity K. Bonet. First off lets get DeLa out there with her attitude of not being picked for the other team setting up a feeling of doom for her own group because of her downward facing drama. When it comes to the challenge DeLa steps up and brings her own over the top personality out to bring forth a good performance but gets outshines by Joslyn who every week is proving to be the dark horse of season 6. Milk decides to once again bring her performance to a level of what she likes instead of stepping up to what the challenge is asking for while Trinity has a terrible time getting a good feel for the rapping and it seems the running theme with Trinity will be along the lines of "this isn't what I normally do" all season. Dear Trinity I have five famous RDR G's for you, "Good God Girl, Get a Grip" Runway & Rankings: CrazySexyCool, Favorite Body Parts Adore Delano: The opposite of her challenge outfit she dresses down to show off her new corseted body and lots of leg. Winner, winner, bad hem lengths for dinner. Ranking: Winner. Bianca Del Rio: This is truly no longer RDR but The Bianca Del Rio Show. She may not have won this week but this girl doesn't need to win the battles because she is being set up to win the war. Ranking: High Joslyn Fox: Criticized for her ability to wear almost no clothing but every accessory she owns, she shows off her favorite part of her body: her ass. Ranking: High. BenDeLaCreme: Skinned leopard on the runway, DeLa repps some old Hollywood glamour on the runway to show off the love of her curves. Ranking: Safe. Courtney Act: Whatever could Courtney show off this week? Everything. An amazing reveal down to just a bra and panties leads Ru to warn her to "Stop relying on pretty". Ranking: Safe. Laganja Estranja: I thought she might use her tear ducts as her favorite body part because of how often they are running but she brings us legs for days and struts them up and down the runway. Ranking: Safe. Darienne Lake: She went with the three S's. Simple. See through. And stoned. But her look and performance wasn't enough to gain her another S, Safe. Ranking: Low Trinity K. Bonet: Showing some hippie chic this flower child shows off her stomach and also her versatility when it comes to giving looks. Ranking: Bottom Two Milk: Giving us her version of the glamour Ru asked of her we have "fish" on the runway with her, possibly Adore Delano inspired, mermaid realness. Although the only thing real about the dress is how really poorly she tailored the dress. Ranking: Eliminated.

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