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Scandal: 05x08, Rasputin

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
11/17/2015 9:54 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Scandal: 05x08, Rasputin | Scandal
Media Courtesy of Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

Oh, Gladiators, I can't this season.  It started so strong with the big 'yes' moment but it's gone downhill.  I don't even enjoy it now.  Scandal used to keep me entertained and now I can barely focus.

Last night on "Rasputin," Papa Pope revealed his true fear that someone would kill him, Liv spent much of the night worried about telling Fitz that she helped get her father out, and Cyrus did something else.

We saw Fitz about to sign an agreement that would have gone very badly.  Mellie spent the night threatening to tell Fitz that Liv let Rowan out. Cyrus got David to start figuring out how Rowan got out.

P.S. Rowan is being hunted by his kids and, by kids, I mean the assassins he trained.

Y'all, David is sleeping with Liz pos-White House exit.  And not only Liz, but Susan wants him bad. Where will this love triangle go? I miss him with Abby.

Liv brought Jake to the Oval under the guise that the President wanted to see him, and that doesn't go well.

Cyrus figures out what Liv did and tells Fitz, which leads to her handcuffed in the Underground and she confesses everything.  Oh no! Can their love make it through this betrayal?  The saddest part is that she did it for him.  Fitz moved her into the White House residence.  He's so mad, but we all know Olitz is forever, right?

Oh, and Jake found Rowan after he and Huck spent much of the episode hunting for him. Jake lets Fitz know he has Rowan, but we'll see where that goes. The show needs Papa Pope, IMO.

Anyway, I have wanted Olitz for a very long time, and I knew they'd find a way to take it away.  I don't want her running back to Jake, though, because that would be ridiculous.  I'm sorry if I left anything out, but this episode was cringe-worthy and very difficult to watch.


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