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Scandal: 05x11, The Candidate

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

02/19/2016 2:24 pm
Scandal: 05x11, The Candidate | Scandal
Media Courtesy of NyDailyNews

Okay, Gladiators! This week's Scandal took a lot of turns so let's just dive right in, shall we? 

Olivia is helping Mellie with her book, and Mellie isn't exactly thrilled with her feedback. Liv tells her that she needs to include a chapter about why she stayed with Fitz after she found out he was sleeping with Liv. She says that the American people want to know if it was because of ambition or love.

Meanwhile, Liz is trying to convince Susan to run for President. Although she frames it like she's doing it for the good of the country, it's clear that's she's in it for her own self gain. Susan, to her credit, sees through it and offers a very short and sassy "No". I knew I liked her!

At the same time, Abby is trying to convince Fitz to do an interview with Lillian Forester, a respected journalist. Cyrus thinks it's a bad idea because she's known for bashing people. Fitz agrees with Abby and they set the interview.

Back at OPA, Mellie and Liv are still trying to answer the question about why Mellie stayed with Fitz. When Mellie evades the question, Liv realizes that Mellie doesn't know why. Mellie asks Liv why she left and realizes that she also has no idea.

As Lillian prepares to interview Fitz, Cyrus and Abby set the ground rules. But Lillian says that she doesn't want some guarded and censored interview, she just wants a real conversation with the man she voted for. She just wants to write "a damn good article". Not sure if we she trust her but Fitz seems totally into... Though we all know he's not the best judge of character.

Liv and Mellie  continue speculate as to why Mellie stayed. Liv thinks Mellie's answers sound fake and snarky Mellie makes another appearance. Mellie says that she doesn't have to explain herself to Olivia because she never had what Mellie and Fitz had. She even goes so far as to call her a "play-thing" (a little harsh but you can't really blame her). Finally, Mellie leaves, essentially firing Liv.

At the White House, Liz as for David's help getting Susan to run for president. David doesn't think he can do it because Susan  doesn't want to be president. Liz tells him that Susan is in love with him and he should use that to his advantage, stating that if he doesn't, she'll withhold... certain things.

Properly motivated, David visits Susan to issue to the most painstakingly awkward invitation on a date. When they can't find anything Washington romantic that Susan hasn't already done, he takes her to Gettysburger and she's adorably excited. (Side note: Is anyone else super sad that this place doesn't actually exist? I NEED Freedom Fries to be real!)

In the Oval, Cyrus visits Fitz to talk to him about his final few months in office. He encourages him to use time to make history and asks him again not to do the interview. Fitz, again, ignores his concerns.

Jake visits Liv and without a word, the two resume their intimate arrangement. After they've done the deed, Liv tells Jake that it's not happening again. He disagrees.

Cyrus runs into Mellie at a bar. Mellie says that the both of them are tied to Liv and Fitz for the rest of their lives, no matter how hard they fight it. Cyrus says he has no sympathy for her because she's on track to become president. Mellie tells him that they made Fitz into who he was, they made a president. Cyrus implies that it was him not them.

Mellie goes to visit Olivia, infamous hooch in hand. She tells her that she stayed because the situation was working with her, Fitz, and Olivia. She says that she had lost her self and Olivia was her retribution. Liv's presence with Fitz gave her time to work on herself and become her own person again. And she knew that Fitz would make her president because she deserved it.

Liv tells her that she can't actually write that in her book if she wants to be president. Mellie says she knows, that's the problem, and the two share a drink.

On their date, David tells Susan that she'd be an amazing president. Susan says that she was picked to be VP because she was unelectable and no competition for Mellie. David kisses her and tells her that she's a warrior who could win if she wanted to.

Drunk on hooch, Olivia tells Mellie that she was mean. Mellie asks Liv why she took it instead of fighting. Liv says it's because she was in the wrong. Mellie says that she was a good mistress and she was glad Liv was there. Liv says she was glad Mellie was around when she was with Fitz because Mellie gave her an out and when Mellie left, she was scared. She tells Mellie to write that she was scared to stand up before she realized that she didn't need a man. Looks like they found their new chapter!

Cyrus tells Fitz that he has to leave because his cousin died. Maybe its his track record, or the creepy way he went about it (who sneaks up on the President in bed in the middle of the night?), but I'm not sure I buy that story.

Back in the Oval, Fitz is being interviewed by Lillian. In the middle of a sentence, Lillian stops him to say that she has a huge crush on him. He tells her it's a conflict of interest because apparently he's crushing back. They decide to cut the interview and just go to dinner instead.

David tells Liz that he's done messing with Susan because she's a good person and has the best interest of the country at heart. He doesn't want to manipulate her anymore and Liz is done manipulating him. Liz tells him that it's too late; Susan decided to run. And the two, unfortunately, start making out.

At OPA, Marcus is still trying to befriend Huck. Marcus asks Huck about Javie. Marcus tells Huck that he should go see him.

Back at Olivia's, Liv tells Mellie that she loves her new chapter. Liv says they can't wait to publish the book if she wants it to make a mark. They decide to leak the book online and it gets the response they were hoping for. Mellie is finally seen as a viable candidate.

Abby calls Cyrus, asking him to discourage him from going on a date with Lillian. Cyrus tells her he can't help and its revealed that he's not at his cousin's funeral but at a  Pennsylvania governor's public forum. Looks like Cyrus wants to make another president, especially since he's been shunned by the current one,  and it seems that he's found his new candidate.

I actually enjoyed this episode much more than I did last week's! All of the Liv and Mellie stuff was long overdue and it was nice to see them have an amicable conversation for once, even if they were totally wasted. I'm glad the two of them are finally finding themselves outside of Fitz and I'm hoping the writers will develop their frenemy relationship more! Side Note: Did anyone else think the romance between Fitz and Lillian was incredibly forced and rushed?

What were your thoughts on this episode? Tell us in the comments!


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