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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Scandal: 05x13, The Fish Rots From The Head

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

03/15/2016 6:29 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Scandal: 05x13, The Fish Rots From The Head | The Fish Rots From the Head
Media Courtesy of TVLine

It's that time again, Gladiators, so let's dive right in! 

Mellie meets with Liv to ask her for advise on how to deal with Susan Ross. Liv tells her that she needs Fitz's support if she wants to win. She says that Mellie needs to get Fitz to remain neutral in the primary so that Mellie will have access to donor money and support.

Meanwhile, Fitz is seen making the rounds around the White House... and apparently with every single woman in DC. Thankfully, Abby seems to have everything under control and has developed a system to help her avoid a scandal.

Cyrus meets with Governor Vargas to discuss his possible campaign. Sally crashes their lunch and asks him to appear on her show but Vargas has no plans to do so. Cyrus tells him that he should consider it for the publicity but Vargas says that he won't use the tragedy in the Capitol for personal gain. Cyrus tells him that he needs to do everything in his power to get his message heard, even if it means using his new connection to the president.

At the White House, Abby calls in Olivia when a Secret Service party at a hotel gets "a little out of control". Apparently, "a little out of control" constitutes the death of prostitute. The woman was hopped up on drugs when she fell dancing and smashed her head into the table. Quinn takes control and, of course, covers the whole thing up. Marcus, still green to the whole process, is a little uneasy about it but Quinn tells him to suck it up and do his job.

Later, Abby finds Liv spying on Jake on a date with his girlfriend. Abby tells her that her obsession with Jake is unhealthy but Liv says that there's more to the situation. It's not just a date; Jake always has an angle.

Meanwhile, David tells Susan that she needs to get Fitz's endorsement. Susan says she's not comfortable compromising her beliefs to get elected, especially considering Fitz's recent... looseness.

Liz, of course, is not happy that Susan isn't cooperating. However, this doesn't stop her from sleeping with David again and it's made clear that he's still under her spell.

Cyrus tells Fitz that Vargas wants to meet with him but pretends not to know why. When Fitz tells Vargas that he doesn't support his education bill, Cyrus convinces Vargas to go on Sally's show to get the exposure he needs.

At OPA, Quinn tells Huck that Olivia is bored. Huck tells her that Liv's been spying on Jake but Quinn says that Liv is bored because she misses the White House.

Marcus comes in with a theory about Megan (the dead woman's) death. He doesn't believe that she died the way the Secret Service says she did. Quinn isn't convinced but Marcus decides to look further into the situation.

Vargas appears on Sally's show to discuss the tragedy in the Capitol as well as his education bill. Sally says that he sounds like a presidential candidate but Vargas says that he's not planning to run which worries Cyrus. He calls Tom to tell him that something suspicious is going on.

Cyrus goes to see Liz to talk about Vargas's candidacy but finds out instead that Susan doesn't want the President's endorsement.

Later, Liz tells Fitz that they need to shut the Vargas situation down. She tells him that Susan should go on Sally's show to tear down his education plan and Fitz gives her the go ahead.

Marcus tells OPA that, according to the autopsy report, Megan was murdered. Liv tells him that its not their job to investigate their clients and that he needs to let it go.

Mellie takes Teddy to the White House to visit Fitz but its clear that she plans to ask him about the endorsement. Their conversation is cut short, however, when a woman is seen leaving his bathroom in a bathrobe. Mellie tells Fitz that he can screw as many women as he wants as long as he keeps them away from Teddy and leaves.

Back at Mellie's office, she tells Liv about the woman in Fitz's room. Liv is visibly shaken by the news of the Secret Service covering up his indiscretions and decides to investigate Megan's murder after all.

Susan is upset that Liz booked her on Sally's show without her permission.  Liz tells her that she needs to support the President's education bill in order to gain his endorsement but Susan insists that she doesn't want it. They ask for David's opinion on the subject and he tells Susan that Liz is right. On Sally's show, Susan calls Vargas' education plan a dud but it's clear that she doesn't believe what she's saying.

At the White House, Fitz is hooking up with yet another random reporter. However, this woman has a hidden agenda, and asks Fitz about Olivia possibly running Mellie's campaign.

Meanwhile, Tom tells Cyrus that the reason Vargas won't run for president is because his daughter is sick. After hearing the news, Cyrus tells Vargas that he's right to stay local instead of running for president. Cyrus tells about when his brother was injured in an accident, and he decided to go to a community college instead of Harvard but his brother didn't let him.

Later that night, Jake shows up at Liv's to tell her to what she wants to know. He asks her what she thinks of his girlfriend and she says she hopes he's happy. Jake says she's perfect but she's not Olivia. Jake starts to seduce Olivia but she tells him to stop and asks him what he's up to. Instead of answering, he leaves. 

Marcus and Quinn meet with Megan's friend to ask her about what happened that night. Unfortunately the woman, Erin, is less than forthcoming. That is, until Marcus tells her that Megan wasn't dead when she fell. 

At the White House, Liv tells Abby that the Secret Service covered up their indiscretion's with Megan by pumping her with more than enough heroine to kill her. Liv says that they need to tell David but Abby says that Liv is supposed to help her clients not prosecute them. Liv says that Abby is her client, not the agents, and asks Abby what she wants to do about it. 

Afterward, Liv goes to see Fitz and it's awkward to say the least. She tells him about what happened to Megan. He asks why Abby didn't tell him and she says it's because Abby's been busy dealing with "other things", clearly alluding to his sexual indiscretions. Fitz says that what happens in his bedroom is no longer her business. Liv says that she can make the Secret Service situation go away but Fitz says it's not her job to tell him what to do anymore. She tells Fitz that he's acting like his father and setting a bad example for the Secret Service and Teddy, before leaving.

Susan goes to visit Fitz. He asks her how she really feels about Vargas' education plan. Finally, she tells him that she likes the plan and wants to see it implemented. He tells her not to lie to the American people again and agrees to endorse her as a candidate. She tells him that she doesn't want his endorsement but he tells her that he's willing to earn her trust and vows to become the president she wants to endorse her. 

Fitz calls a press conference to inform the public that the agents involved in Megan's death have been arrested. Huck tells Marcus that he did a good job and it finally looks like the rest of OPA is bonding with him.

 Back with Cyrus, Vargas asks him to run his campaign for president. He tells him that he plans to make college for his sick daughter free when he's president. Cyrus, of course, accepts his offer and Vargas leaves. Once he's gone, Cyrus reveals that he made up the story about his brother. 

Later, Liv goes to her father's house for dinner and finds Jake's girlfriend there, preparing to toast. When Liv asks what the occasion is , Jake reveals that he and his girlfriend, Vanessa, are getting married and the episode leaves off with an ominous toast from Rowan to "new beginnings". 

This episode definitely had its ups and downs but for the first time in a long time, I found myself being proud of Olivia and... wait for it... Fitz (shocking, I know)! Olivia finally put ethics above the business, thanks heavily to Marcus, and did the right thing. And bonus: she shut down Jake! I'm also really glad that Fitz is trying to earn Susan's trust (since she seems to be the only honest and good person on this show). Hopefully this means things will take a turn for the less scandalous... probably not though. We also got a little more Mellie this episode which is always a treat!

So what did you think of this episode? How do you think Mellie and Fitz will take the news of Vargas' candidacy? Tell us in the comments! 



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