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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Scandal: 05x14, I See You

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/28/2016 12:04 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Scandal: 05x14, I See You | Scandal
Media Courtesy of ABC

Heyo! Tis I, Dani, stepping in this week for Shae, your usual Scandal recapper. So much happened last week, but we know this episode has GOT to focus on Jake's freshly announced engagement to the woman who is decidedly not Olivia. We'll pick up there, at her father's house, where an awkward dinner is taking place...

Everyone can see that Olivia is not quite acting like herself, but honestly, who would expect her to? We hear about their "how we first met" story, while the Gladiators are searching Jake's apartment, trying to figure out what he's up to. We find that Jake has told his fiance that Olivia was "the sister he never had," so Liv excuses herself to check out the fruit of their labor, which includes video surveillance of Jake's apartment. 

Ohhhh it's The Liberty Report! Sally Langston is the best. She's going off on the Governor who promised that he wasn't running for president, because, oh, he's running for president. We know that Cyrus is going to run his campaign, and Abbie wants to know what he's up to, so she tries to enlist Quinn. 

Huck has a satellite feed or something, and he uses it to track Havi's movements. The only way he gets a glimpse of his son. 

Olivia can't seem to pull herself away from the surveillance of Jake, and we find out that the guy that is holed up with Huck's family is actually a dude he and Charlie once tried to kill. Huck thinks he is going after his family to get back at him. 

Charlie tells Huck that he doesn't recognize him, but Huck implores him to look again. Charlie tells him that it might be "Six Toes," but it's hard to keep track of all their hits. 

Mellie is meeting with one of the skeeziest men in politics. I can't remember his name, but he is one of the people that helped fix Fitz's first election. He wants Mellie to completely do away with the EPA, because he's "An oil man, darlin'". He tells her if she'll promise to raze it, he'll write her a check for half a billion dollars. WHAT.

She tells him that she can't do that, so he tells her he'll go to Susan Ross. OH Hollis Doyle. That's his name. What a douchey name. 

David tells Abbie that there is definitely something going on with Cyrus and the Governor, then he begs her for help in solving his "sleeping with multiple women" problem. She does not sympathize. 

Liv is still watching Jake and his woman, and they are having some seriously steamy wall sex when he turns and looks directly at the camera, letting Liv know, that he KNOWS that she knows. You know? He's a canny little minx, that one. 

Jake shows up at Liv's apartment bearing cameras and tells her that the show is over. He tries to play it off as jealousy, but she tells him that it's because she doesn't trust him and thinks he and her father are up to something. 

He says some terrible things to her about daddy issues and gives an incredibly convincing argument about how he's truly in love and marrying a woman that will give him the life he's always wanted. He shakes her to the core, and it's not something I enjoy seeing. His words about her being scared of being consumed by Fitz were so spot on that it was scary. He always knows how to get straight to the point, especially when it comes to Liv. 

Abbie confronts Cyrus about his backroom deals with Governor Vargus and he denies everything and threatens to have her job. She doesn't back down, though, and calls his bluff. So he spills everything. He promises her that it's all over and begs her not to tell the President, and she agrees. 

Charlie comes looking for Huck with some info about the dude that's been hanging around Havi and Kim, but they find that Huck is not at OPA. That's because he's on the highway  picking up the dude on the side of the road because his car broke down. Coincidence? I think not. 

Susan and Fitz are meeting with Hollis, legit one of the biggest douchebags ever. He's played by the same character that played Mitchum Huntzberger on Gilmore Girls

Susan is trying to play the game with Hollis, but Fitz interrupts because he knows that getting into bed with Hollis Doyle is the worst idea ever. Susan does not appreciate him speaking for her, though, POTUS or not.

Hollis calls Mellie and tells her that he's giving her another chance, and he wants to talk about those freeloading illegals. Mellie's face is priceless. 

Abbie is telling Liv about Cyrus and reveling in the fact that she has him right where she wants him. She wants to slit his throat and bathe in his blood, she wants to be White House Chief of Staff. But Liv thinks she should wait her turn... 

Abbie doesn't want to wait, but does want to be able to sleep at night. She doesn't know how to be cut throat, because she is a good person at heart. Liv tells her that she's too close to the Oval, the power is corrupting her. Liv tells her being a big dog isn't as great as it seems, so she needs to be a better person. 

Quinn buzzes Olivia in a panic since Huck is missing, but Quinn is tracking his GPS and they're on the move. 

Huck reveals who he is and his passenger becomes reasonably terrified. I certainly would not want to be on Huck's radar.

Mellie is spilling trade secrets with Hollis and she tells him her campaign platform, "Embrace America's Tomorrow," and he is charmed into endorsing her.

They're on the hunt for Huck, and Quinn and Olivia are screaming at each other on the street and Quinn wants to know why Liv hates them and Liv goes off about being kidnapped. She said she is selfish because it was her turn to be. Then we see Huck drop his wife's boyfriend. Dead?? Nope, they're going to fake a car wreck, and he won't remember what happened. 

Abbie tells Fitz about Cyrus' transgressions, but he thinks he's stuck with him no matter what because of the optics. Abbie lays it all out real simple like, and tells him that he's got a new chief of staff right there in that room. Her speech is inspired, so he tells her to let him know when it's done. "It's" being... her personally firing Cyrus and taking his job. Oh. She's up for it. 

Huck has come to the realization that Sean is a good guy, and is good for his family, and that's it's time he give them up. Liv tries to protest, but Huck has made up his mind.

Mellie is watching as Hollis Doyle, not only announces his run for presidency, but claims her tagline and platform as his own. Her loose lipped admissions have bitten her in the ass. 

Susan Ross tells Fitz that, outside of the Oval Office, she is the candidate, and she will make the calls about her campaign. Outside of the gates, it's the Susan Ross show. GOD I love her. 

Quinn is finally giving Marcus some answers, and he asks her if she has ever killed anyone. She tells him that's enough sharing for the day. In other words: "Yes."

Abbie saunters into Cyrus' office and tells him the bad news. She is preening and in this moment, I all the way hate her. 

Jake and Liv are having a real, grown up conversation, and she apologizes for the crazy. They seem to make amends, but then Liv has an epiphany and remembers something Jake told her many seasons ago, about "coincidentally" bumping into a woman more than once and she knows he is up to something, just like the story Vanessa told about they met. She tells Quinn to step up the surveillance, and we move to the credits. 

To be honest, Jake has always given me creep vibes. Anyone that far gone under Rowan's spell is always bad news. 

There have been a few moments lately that I have flirted with the idea of giving up on this show; but then an episode like this happens, and I'm hooked all over again. Scandal, I just can't quit you.


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