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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Scandal: 05x19, Buckle Up

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

05/17/2016 12:45 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Scandal: 05x19, Buckle Up | Buckle
Media Courtesy of ABC

Alright, Gladiators, it’s that time again! So strap in and prepare yourselves for another drama-filled episode of Scandal! Last week ended on a bit of a sad note after Rowan forced Olivia to dump Jake, leaving him to marry Vanessa against his will in order to secure a bid for Edison’s VP. Now, let’s see how they both recover from the breakup of their short-lived reconciliation.

This week, the focus is back on the presidential race and Abby and Olivia are battling it out to ensure their candidates come out on top. The hostility between the two is still pretty tangible. The race between Mellie and Susan is neck-and-neck and both sides need to secure a win in Florida to snag the nomination. Meanwhile, Alex is still trying to coerce Michael into helping him take down Cyrus, using Cyrus’s possible affair with Tom as leverage. Michael refuses to help and tells Alex not contact him.

On the campaign trail, Liz is still forcing a very unhappy Susan to continue her sham relationship with David, in order to keep up appearances.  Elsewhere, Liv and the OPA team brief Mellie on a governor named Louis Baker, a crucial supporter if Mellie wants the most Floridian delegates. The governor is hosting a dinner to help her decide where to cast her vote and every candidate is eager to cinch it.

In the airport hangar, Abby sabotages Olivia by preventing Air Force One from departing, meaning Mellie’s plane can’t leave either. Abby says that they can leave the next day, but this would mean that Mellie misses Governor Baker’s dinner, essentially handing the nomination to Susan. It’s clear that Abby is still trying to show Liv that she’s in control.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is searching for a way to push Vargas ahead of Edison in the polls. Alex suggests that they use Anna to garner the sympathy vote. Cyrus and Vargas are both against this idea. Back on the hangar, Olivia brainstorms alternative plans to get Mellie to Florida, as Mellie freaks out. Olivia contacts the media in an effort to shame Abby off the plane. Abby refuses to give up the hoax, convincing Fitz that doing so would cause a whole slew of issues. Abby and Olivia go back and forth, placing blame.

In Florida, Governor Baker visits David and tells him that, at the moment, her endorsement lies with Mellie. However, she propositions David, asking him to drop an ongoing investigation in exchange for Susan getting the endorsement. At the same time, Mellie is still freaking out about being stranded in Burbank. Quinn asks Liv why she’s battling with Abby when she could be saving Jake. Liv says that she doesn’t have to explain herself to them and storms off.

Mellie tells Marcus that she’s afraid this stunt will cost her the campaign. He tells her that if she wants it to end, she needs to do it herself. Mellie makes a show of power by approaching Air Force One, forcing Fitz off the plane. Back at the hotel, David tells Susan and Liz about Baker’s proposition. Liz tells him to do it but Susan refuses. Mellie asks Fitz to move his plane but he refuses. She tells him that the feud between Abby and Liv is toxic to both of them and that they both know that, should it continue, it’ll only end with Liv crushing Abby. Fitz scolds her for her choice of words, then tells her that Liv killed Andrew. Mellie and Fitz worry about Liv, sounding hilariously like her divorced parents, before Fitz finally agrees to move Air Force One.

Once on board, Fitz tells Abby, who is protesting his decision, to sit down and shut up. On Mellie’s plane, Olivia scolds Mellie for pulling her stunt, despite the fact that it worked in their favor. Mellie says that if Liv has a better plan, she should speak up. Liv calls Abby and tells her to turn the plane around.

At Governor Baker’s dinner, Baker and Hollis seem to be getting along which annoys Liz. Mellie arrives with the president at her side to make up for being late. Susan calls Baker out and later, David compliments her on being straight forward. Susan tells him that he hurt her when he cheated on her and he apologizes. He promises to do his best to never hurt her again.

Back in Washington, Michael asks Cyrus if he’s cheating on him and Cyrus admits that he is. Michael suggests they see a counselor and Cyrus refuses, telling Michael that he needs to learn his role in their marriage and let him focus on his job. Michael calls out Tom by name and Cyrus tells him that if continues nosing around, he’ll have to put him out. Afterward, Michael meets with Alex and gives him dirt on Cyrus.

The next day, Baker gives her endorsement to Susan Ross, much to Olivia’s dismay. Meanwhile, photos of Vargas’ daughter leak to the press and, of course, Vargas blames Alex who swears he’s innocent. Cyrus calls Michael and thanks him for helping him play Alex.

Back at OPA, Huck tells Liv that she’s not ready to be back at work. She tells him that she doesn’t need to grieve Andrew’s death because killing him set her free, that she doesn’t regret it. She also tells him about Rowan’s threat to Jake. A few seconds later, she breaks down and Huck comforts her.

Back at the White House, Abby gets angry with Fitz for overruling her and doing her job for her. She tells him that he blames her for Liv killing Andrew but it’s clear that she’s actually been blaming herself and that she feels terrible about what happened. Fitz tells her that she has to forgive herself and pull herself out of the darkness.

Later, it’s announced that Scandal’s resident Trump, Hollis Doyle, wins Florida, despite Baker’s endorsement for Susan. At OPA, Abby visits Liv to ask why she was angry when Abby got the job at the White House. Liv tells her that she’s happy for her but that she wants her White House back, that she’s done losing.

Meanwhile, David reveals that he earned Susan Baker’s endorsement by taking Baker’s deal. David tells Liz that she can’t tell Susan. Elsewhere, Cyrus comes home to find Michael gone, along with his daughter. Back at OPA, Abby and Liv agree to team up and take down Hollis Doyle for the good of both candidates.

I actually rather enjoyed this episode! For one thing, there was tons of Mellie and she wasn’t just lounging around. I loved her power move and the back and forth between her and Fitz, particularly the bit about Olivia. Not to mention the bond Mellie seems to be forming with Marcus. I’m pretty excited to see where that leads. I’m also looking forward to seeing Abby and Liv on the same side for once next week, even if it is only temporary.

But what did you think? Do you think Abby and Liv can take down Hollis Doyle? Tell us in the comments!


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