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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Scandal: 05x01, Heavy Is The Head

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
09/25/2015 10:17 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Scandal: 05x01, Heavy Is The Head | Scandal
Media Courtesy of ABC

Alright Gladiators, let’s do this!  I’m hoping for so much Olitz.  It’s time for Scandal!

Sally is always such a sass a frass.  Does everyone know Oliva and Fitz are together?  Sally is going off about the relationship.  This is crazy!  Oh, Sally is not talking about it.  She is talking about a princess who’s in town.  Fitz and Olivia are so perfect.  And that elevator moment!  Shonda has a lot of great use for elevators.

Abby said that Mellie was sick and couldn’t go but Mellie is so pissed.  Abby says she has a plan.  Fitz is sitting with the Queen of England?  Fitz wants a military base there and the Queen needs time.  Olivia is lying to Abby about her and Fitz.

Abby was smack talking the princess and the princess was in the room!  And the princess knows exactly who Olivia Pope is.  (Nice job addressing how people hurt celebrities because they don’t treat them like people).

The ringtone!  That’s been a void in my life.  Someone murdered the princess!!!

Princess Emily was murdered.  Although, some think it was a crash.  The Queen has consulted Olivia for help and the princess’ husband, Richard wants the photos of her body erased.

Olivia is buying her way around town.  I thought this whole night would be sex scenes but woah, what a scandal we’ve uncovered.

PS I love when Quinn is in action mode.  Can we fix Huck, though?

Fitz is making a grand speech to the press.  He always speaks from the heart, a perfect man.  He called Emily, America’s princess.  Aw.

Quinn noticed something!  Hey David, you’re up.  The mystery man is a hacker and he caused the crash with some tech magic.

Mellie is in a rage and she wants Fitz by her side.  Mellie is a senator and that’s insane.

Sally is a conspiracy theorist and she is trying to break Abby for the truth about Fitz and Cyrus.  Olivia is straight up hiding from Abby.  Aw, Fitz just wanted to have a lunch date.  He is concerned about the Queen and Olivia gets onto him about not going to be with Mellie.  Olivia is so good but she left Abby high and dry.

Mellie wants to apologize but I don’t think Fitz will be into it.  Fitz just served Mellie with divorce papers!  OMG!!!!  Mellie doesn’t want it but Fitz points out that the battle will take them both down and he has everything he wants already.  Woah!

Abby is ready to choke LIz out!  Abby just let Liz in on the Fitz appearance too.  Oh no!

Well, Fitz just dropped the divorce ball on Olivia and she’s surprised.  Liv quotes plans and Fitz goes with the life is short mantra.  Fitz always charms her into his line of thinking...not so fast.

David has the proof that it’s a murder and not an accident.  The prince and princess didn’t spend much time together.  There may be an affair between the princess and her bodyguard.

Now, David and Olivia have to convince Fitz to try and get the murderer who is probably the prince.  Olivia thinks it’s all about the bases that Fitz wants.  That didn’t end well.  Do the right thing and wear that white hat, Olivia.

Huck is in Liv’s apartment.  He is worried about Liv.  Has he been on the couch since season 4 ended?  Quinn hurt him.  Huck wants Liv to fix him.  Liv can’t fix him on the inside and she feels vulnerable while Huck is hurting so badly.

Liz knows about Fitz and Liv.  Woah!  Abby is shocked!  This isn’t going to end well.

Mellie goes to Cyrus about the divorce.  She wants him to fix it.  Cyrus just shut that down.  Good, I want Olitz anyway.  Mellie thinks that Fitz doesn’t want Cyrus anymore that he wants her.  She breaks down and it’s kinda heartbreaking.

David brings very important information to the Queen and guess what?  The princess was pregnant!  The Queen knows Olivia’s information but she says her son is innocent.  The Queen had the princess killed!  Holy shit!  She did it to protect her bloodline and Olivia can’t say a word because she signed a nondisclosure agreement!  How will they get justice for poor Emily?

Liv goes home to find it empty.  Why are they making it so hard for Olitz to happen?  I mean, I’ve waited forever.  Liv laid on her couch and saw the newspaper which gave her an idea.  The prince can get justice!  Well played, Liv.

Huck goes to Jake for help.  I hope Jake can fix him.

Ah, we end on the porch of the White House just like the season final of 4 but with a lot more anger.  Liv says the divorce isn’t an answer it’s a complication.  She needs them to be fixed in every way before they step out because they won’t survive.  She wants to slow down.  Fitz agrees!  Oh, Abby just walked out and caught them!  And Sally is breaking the news about Liv and Fitz!  Guess they are out there now.  Jeez!


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