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PopWrapped | Recaps
Scandal: 05x02, Yes | Yes
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This week on Scandal

Sally dropped a big old bomb!  Olivia’s name is out.  Fitz is so reassuring.  Liv is in shock. 

Fitz’s team says a statement is necessary but he wants Liv by his side. 

Liv ran for it.  Oh jeez!

Liv goes to Quinn.  He is worried but Liv needs to work. Abby has to get in front of the press.  She will not answer the question they want answered.

Mellie came back to the White House for an apology.  Mellie is going off about Liv.  Mellie is sneaking back in and Fitz needs to shut her down.  OMG Fitz is not falling for it. Abby is pushing Fitz for a statement but Fitz is waiting for Liv.  David has a list of people.  Abby is not having any luck.

Now the media is after Pope.  Quinn working on a plan and Jake and Huck show up.  Quinn is not thrilled but Jake smoothed it out.  Olivia is out working a case.  Quinn briefs the team back at HQ.

The case is a kid murderer who disappeared after bail.  Liv has 28 hours to find him. David is investigating Mellie first.

Liv is following leads.  She found a casino and there’s the little killer.  Haha she cuffed him to the stool! The kid underestimated Liv.  Jake shows up to help out.  The kid claims innocence.  He thinks the step mom did it.

Back at HQ, a cameraman got in and Huck was going to get him but Quinn jumped in. Abby is getting eaten alive by the press.  Cyrus calls Abby to give her advice.  He tells her to be the adult.

The kid's story holds water.  Liv has plans but Jake wants to know about what Liv wants to do about Fitz.  The kid just found out who Olivia is.

Quinn has serious anger issues with Huck.  She needs to chill.  Now, she caused Huck to leave. Abby just got herself in deep.  Abby said Mellie and Fitz are still a team which is bad.

The will was set to take the kid out instead of the step mom.  Olivia gets bombarded because the kid told some ladies who she was.  And now we know that the kid killed his dad.

Abby goes to Cyrus and gets congratulated.  Cyrus says that Abby knows what Liv wants the President to do and she needs to tell him. The Vice President is not happy with Fitz.  She thinks he’s selfish.

Liv is haunted by the Fitz drama.  I think it’s time she just goes to him and makes that statement.  Be together!  Jake comes in stopping her thoughts.  They enjoy a beer.  They have a way to find the kid so there’s some good news.  Liv admits she’s scared and that she has no answers.  Jake says that is good.  Her focus is on point.  She asks Jake to cuddle her.  I’m not ok with this.

Fitz is on the balcony and Abby joins him.  Abby points out that Liv is with Jake.  Abby is doing just what Cyrus suggested. David reveals that Mellie was a part of the leak.  But Fitz doesn’t care.  He apologizes to Mellie and invites her home.  Dammit!!!!

Quinn wakes Liv and Jake up to say that she found the kid. David found more in Mellie’s email and hands it over to Abby.  Abby can’t resist reading. OMG Liz leaked the photos!  Abby corners her!  Abby wants them to work as a team and it’s done.

The kid is revealing how much he hates his dad.  The kid is bad news. Quinn goes to Huck.  She admits that she can’t judge him because she is also a freak.  They make up!  Thank goodness!  I wish Fitz and Liv could do that.

Fitz calls to tell Liv he knows she doesn’t want the spotlight.  He tells her the plan.  Why?  Why?  Why?  Last week was perfect.  I can’t do this for five more years!

Liv faces the press in the final moments and they ask her about the affair.  How does she answer?  With a 'Yes'!  OMG!!!!!


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