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Scandal: 05x03, Paris Is Burning

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/10/2015 5:27 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Scandal: 05x03, Paris Is Burning | Paris
Media Courtesy of ABC

Last week on Scandal, Olivia Pope brought some real hard truth to the show in the last final moments.  Her simple answer of “Yes” will shake up this whole show!  What happens now?  How will Fitz react to this?  Read on..

Abby is on the warpath!  Liv said yes but Mellie and Fitz are going on record saying that they are happily married.

Abby has Fitz taken out because of Olivia.  Oh shit!  Fitz’s little smile was everything.

Olivia is in the White House!  Abby wants them to spin it that Mellie is getting divorced because of growing apart.  Fitz is not backing down from telling the truth to the press.  Liv wants another option but Fitz wants the truth out and for them to move on together.  Is this real this time?  I really hope so!

Abby said she was going to tell the interviewer that it’s on but she went to Mellie.  Cyrus pops in.  Cyrus says he will negotiate Mellie’s appearance but Mellie simply wants to destroy Liv.  Cyrus tells her to think like a champion.  Mellie wants the Oval office.  Well, well, well.

Fitz finds out Cyrus is helping Mellie and he’s mad but Liv calms him.

Back at Gladiator HQ, Quinn and Huck are fielding the crazy when Jake shuts it all down.  Huck was going to erase the internet and Quinn high fives him!  Best moment so far!  Jake says that they can’t help her with a plan because the plan happened.  Liv believes in the truth.

Cyrus brings the demands to Liz and Abby.  Mellie wants his full support on her road to presidency.  Fitz may not make any public appearances with Liv until Mellie is the president.  Cyrus finishes it with a quick note that he will only negotiate with Abby.

Abby brings the demands to Fitz and Liv.  Fitz is furious but LIv says they need to keep Mellie happy.

Abby is mad at Liv.  Liv lied right to her face.  Liv claims she lied to protect Abby but Abby says she lied because Liv doesn’t think Abby’s good enough at her job to handle it.  Woah.

Jake and co are getting wasted.  Jake gets a call from Liv.  She wants an update and he reveals they’re drinking.  Liv thinks she’s made a mistake.  She thinks she’s good though.  Don’t turn back, Liv!

Abby reveals to Cyrus what Fitz will and won’t do.  Mellie says that Liv will not get the Grant name.  Fitz agrees and they write it up.

Liz reveals her thoughts as to what Liv’s real motives are but Abby shuts her down.

Mellie gets everything she wants but she says no.  Mellie insulted Cyrus saying that he lost his edge.  She wants more and the old Cyrus would get it.  Cyrus take the agreement and heads back.  What more could Mellie want?

Cyrus brings his honesty about Mellie to Fitz.  Cyrus tells Fitz that he needs to take Mellie back and put Liv to the side for now.

Liv went for air and found Mellie.  Mellie is looking for her ‘hooch’.  Mellie is literally losing it.  Mellie offers some to Liv.  Liv declines but Mellie tells her that all that matters now is Fitz.  Woah, Mellie just called the Gladiators ‘thugs’.  Liv just got really overwhelmed by Mellie’s little invisibility speech.

Liv tells Fitz to take Mellie back.  Fitz knows Mellie got to her.  Liv reveals it's not about Mellie, it’s about what she has to give up.

Fitz goes to Mellie and apologizes.  Liv always makes him feel sorry for her and go to her.  He thanks her and apologizes.  Mellie says that she’s given so much up and he’s done nothing.  The balcony moment was so tender and they both revealed that this marriage didn’t go the way they thought it would.  It’s the first time I felt the love they probably once had.

The White House is getting ready for the interview and I don’t know what they’ll say.  Liv apologizes to Abby and tells her she is very good at her job.  Abby says she learned from the best.

Cyrus goes back to the Oval to beg for his job back.  Fitz is just being quiet as he listens or doesn’t.  Fitz denies him and tells him to leave.  Cyrus will do something awful.  What?  I don’t know but something.

Oh gosh, Cyrus goes to Mellie and tells her she got played.  He planted a seed and tarnished a great moment for Fitz and Mellie.

And thanks to Cyrus, Mellie pulls out.

The news is so wrapped up in the President they aren’t covering a giant fire in Paris.

Abby knows she has to fix this.  Liv explains what will happen to her.  They will throw Olivia under the bus.

OMG Olivia is going to throw everything away for him.  “Sit down and watch me choose you.”

Jake goes to Papa Pope about the Paris fire.  What’s nex



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