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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Scandal: 05x04, Dog-Whistle Politics

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/17/2015 7:02 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Scandal: 05x04, Dog-Whistle Politics | Scandal
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Last week on Scandal, we watched Liv choose Fitz over everything else.  Here’s what comes next…

Jake is with Papa Pope talking about Lazarus  One which is a plan Pope had in place to rebuild his empire.  Jake doesn't care about what Pope has to say.  The show is set up like a 60 minutes special about Olivia Pope this week.

Quinn meets up with Marcus and wants to give him a job.  She wants him to speak with the press.  Quinn is using the same speech Olivia used with hers.  Marcus says no because he knows they don't go about it the right way.

Fitz is upset with the headlines about Liv.  Abby walks in and gets fired.  Liz tells Abby to go to her office because she'll fix it.

Jake is taking his killer buddy with him to Paris to shut down Lazarus One.

Liv talks some sense into Fitz about not being emotional.  These two are able to say so much without saying anything at all.  And they adorably both called each other idiots.  Liv stops the conversation when she realizes she's being photographed in her home.

This episode is filled with flashback info.

Huck handles the photographer.  He and Quinn came to her rescue.  Quinn tells Liv about Marcus and Liv says that her team can handle anything.

Charlie has a lady on on the inside in France.  Her name is Elise and it looks like she and Jake have history and she is out.

Mellie is meeting other senators like its business as usual but she finds out that the men have secrets and so the women do to.

Cyrus is ready to tell Mellie about all the good he's done but she drops the bomb that the congress wants to impeach Fitz.  Mellie wants no part in that.  She wants to lay low.  Cyrus wants her to do it.  He is so good at twisting Mellie into doing what he wants.

Olivia is all over the TV and she is starting to break.

Marcus is at the office when Quinn and Huck show back up.  He's in and Quinn wants him to convey that Liv is so busy she doesn't have time for the press.

Jake goes to Elise and he yells at her for not being at their place.  He said he waited.  There's so much tension.  Elise doesn't want an apology she wants to know what the job is.  Jake explains the job and his side of the story.  He missed being married to her!!!!!  What!!!  And they kiss... I can't!

Mellie comes to the White House to get things and finds Fitz crawling around.  He's playing with their youngest.  The baby is still hidden but they feel something.  Mellie says that if he won't hurt her, she won't hurt him.

Marcus shuts off the programming.  He can't believe what people are saying about Liv saying she's black.  Marcus wants to help her and he thinks they should shift the attention from Liv to the reporting.  Huck shuts him down.

Fitz agrees to meet with the the senator threatening to take him down.

Charlie is amazed by Jake getting the girl.  The painting meeting goes south.  Elise was hit but she got the guy too.

The senators want something from Fitz to stay with him.  These guys are so dirty.  He insulted Liv after threatening Fitz.

There is not enough Liv in this episode.  She gets a call from Fitz and he wants to talk business but she's upset over thugs on the Internet.  She has rape threats and more.  Fitz tells her to turn it off.  She admits she losing it a little bit.  Poor Liv.

Jake visits Elise at the hospital and she admits she never showed up before.  He wants her to come back to the US with him.

Mellie is being accosted by Cyrus about taking down Fitz.  Mellie tells him to let it go. She wants to keep her dignity.  Cyrus says she never loved him but he did.  Cyrus loved Fitz like a son and he can't get to him.  Mellie kicks him out!  Cyrus quits.

Marcus is being hunted by the press and he fights back.  Quinn is pissed but Marcus stands up for himself.  He takes the team on offense!  They did good.  Huck is gonna tell Liv that Marcus is with them because Liv doesn't like to yell at them.

Fitz goes to Abby about the bill that the senator wants shut down.  He wants her advice and she says to give it up.  He says that his fight is for the people.

Liv watches the news as Fitz comes to her.  He took the whole cavalry to get to her.  She meets him at the elevator.  He's there to take her on a date!  Omg!  He tells the secret service to look away so he can make out with her on the elevator.

Reporters call his action "a bold move almost daring the world to come between them".  Now Mellie wants to impeach him!  Oh no!


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