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Scandal: 05x05, You Got Served

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/25/2015 1:05 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Scandal: 05x05, You Got Served | You Got Served
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Last week, Fitz took Liv out on a date in "You Got Served," and he chose her just like she chose him.  Her team is on the offense and things might be looking up.  Oh, except now Mellie wants to impeach Fitz.  What happens next…

(Sorry it’s late, guys.  DVR issues.)

Cyrus’ whore husband is worried about how Cyrus is vegging out with the TV.  Cyrus says, “This is the day the Lord has made and he’s made it for me.”

The senators have voted unanimously to investigate Fitz and Liv’s affair.  Fitz thinks this is ridiculous and David assures him that he doesn’t know what Impeachable Offenses are.  David explains that it’s anything Congress chooses.  David insists he get a lawyer. The final word: Don’t talk to Olivia.

Liv is back in the office hanging up all the paper clippings.  Liv calls Abby and asks for a loan.  Liv is bringing in an outsider.  Oh, shit! Liv hired Leo!  He wants to spin what the country calls dirty and make it the most imaginable love story ever.  Leo insults her stylish clothes!  She has to wear clothes everyone could wear.  He is taking apart her life and making her be an every woman.  They need the ex-fiance!  This is sooo good!

The ex isn’t thrilled with what Olivia wants.  He wants honesty from her.  Harrison is in, but he clearly isn’t happy about it.  He makes a very compelling argument for those who want Liv to burn. Fitz and Liv watch together and Fitz is pleased.

Fitz meets his new lawyer, Patty.  Patty wants Abby to tell the press that the President is cooperating fully again and again.  She’s sassy.  Patty wants Fitz to testify and orders him to.  Patty sent a document dump to the Senate.

The Senate is a little amused by all the boxes, but the important thing is Mellie is told to recuse herself as she’s currently divorcing Fitz.  Mellie does not agree, but she has no choice.

The press discovered a family ring Fitz had given Olivia.  Leo wants the love story plan now, because there’s no other spin.

Mellie goes to Cyrus, who hasn’t moved.  Mellie gave up the ring and she is going to spend some time with Cyrus now.  Those two are a dangerous pair.

The senators grab Marcus and they are going to bully him and his family to get to Liv.  They want him to spy on Liv and the team.  OMG! That’s illegal.

Liv goes to Jake’s and he isn’t ready to let her in.  You know why? Elise came back to the states with Jake.  What?  Alas, Jake lets her in and now she’s more concerned about Elise.  She reveals that she has to go on TV and sell her love story, but she thinks she can’t. Jake says she can.  He is the damn best at motivational speeches. Jake realizes she’s scared because of the commitment to Fitz it will create.  She doesn’t admit to it, but you can see it in her eyes.  Jake tells her to tell the world the truth about how she feels about him. Aw.

Marcus is back at Pope and Associates.  Will he tell them about his run in?  Of course, Quinn and Huck are talking all about illegal things.  Marcus has decided to spy.

Leo is getting Liv ready.  Liv is on TV telling her story.  Does she regret her relationship with the President?  She wishes she never laid eyes on him because if they’d never met, this wouldn’t be happening.  She also reveals that she feels like her business has gone down and that is all her hard work.  She is telling the real truth.  She admits that she has tried and failed again to step away but she’s weak.  Damn, Liv!  Fitz is watching and he shut it off.  Is that because he feels badly or is it because he’s mad?

The press has changed the narrative.  The story is now about coworkers who couldn’t stay away.  Mellie agrees with Liv that she wished Liv and Fitz had never met.  Cyrus blames himself and feels so badly.  He apologizes.

Liv heads back to the office.  Marcus played the senate bullies! Yay!  They found the kidnapping video.  Fitz gets into his bedroom and finds Liv in the bed ready for ...well, you know.  She uses the loud music to tell him about what she discovered.  Fitz says he will say he never saw it and the war had nothing to do with it.  Cyrus is the link that ties Fitz to the tape.  Crap!

Mellie and Cyrus are having a blast!  Mellie wants Cyrus to work for him.  They are interrupted when Fitz calls.

Jake is at Pope and Associates complementing Liv on her interview.  And Liv wants to know about Elise, who Jake reveals as his wife.

Cyrus is at the White House.  How does Fitz expect to handle this? Fitz offers Cyrus his job back.  Fitz pretends he could use him, but we as viewers know.  Cyrus is too smart for this.  He knows they must have something on Fitz.  And he figures out real quick that it’s the tape.  Cyrus goes back down memory lane, proving how well he knows Fitz.  He uses it to prove that Fitz knows nothing about him.  Cyrus rejects the offer and quotes Taylor Swift.  Oh, wait...Fitz does know something.  He knows about the packages Cyrus’ mother used to send and he knows her name was Helen.  Fitz apologizes for how he treated Cyrus and his biggest mistake was forgetting they are family.  “You are my guy,” Fitz says to him.  Well done, Fitz.  Let’s get the old team going.  

Cyrus wants his job back and Liz fired.  Looks like this is going to happen.  Cyrus already has his lie ready about West Angola.

Wow!  That is all I can say about this episode!


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