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Innocent Until Proven Guilty Is The Theme In This Week's 'Scandal'

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/01/2014 4:27 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Innocent Until Proven Guilty Is The Theme In This Week's 'Scandal' | Scandal
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Another Thursday has passed, so it's time for another episode of Scandal. If you missed last week, no worries, we've got you covered with the recap. This week, Olivia tries to prove the innocence of a man in prison for the attempted assassination of the former president, who had died recently. Mellie bonds with the former First Lady, and Fitz makes a move that could definitely change things.  Olivia is having a seriously twisted wet dream about Fitz, no Jake, wait no it was Fitz, oh her dad is in it too? Yea girl, it's time to wake up, Liv.  When Olivia is awake, Abby comes in to check on her. She tells her to call Fitz, but Olivia says he won't answer her calls.  Fitz is on the balcony icing his hand when Mellie comes out. He compliments her outfit and she says that she has a funeral to help plan because former President Cooper died of a heart attack. The news reporter shows a video of the attempted assignation of Cooper. At the same time, Olivia is going through security check to visit a prisoner named Carnahan. He claims that he was not the one who tried to shoot the President. Olivia brings up his diary, which talks about his plan to kill the President. He says that the government was the one that wrote it. He asks for her to prove it wasn’t him by using the bullet that is still in the President’s head. Cyrus is getting dressed and he tells Michael that he is getting him an apartment and setting up a bank account for him. Someone is sprung. He gets a phone call. After he hangs up, he heads into the bathroom and Michael looks to see who called. That same day, Michael meets with Lizzie and she looks over the photos of him with Cyrus and she hands over money and thanks him. He tells her there’s someone at the White House who is worried about the plan to shut down some military bases, especially now with Cooper dying. She asks how he knows this and he says he read one of Cyrus’ emails and tells her he wants to renegotiate his contract. Abby comes to see Fitz who complains that Cyrus is late again. She brings up Jake and he instantly gets defensive. She reveals that she knows he’s in custody and he asks her if the press is asking and lets her know that he’s the president and she better recognize. She replies that she is not asking the Commander in Chief, but asking the married man who was sleeping with her best friend why the man said friend is sleeping with is now locked up. Abby then starts asking if Jake was read his rights, offered a lawyer, and if he’s been tortured because she noticed the bruised knuckles. Fitz tells her that she can tell Olivia that, unlike his son, Jake is alive and well. Abby begs him to confess to Olivia and tells him that she’s been having nightmares and then leaves. I would like to note that Fitz called her Gabby throughout this whole scene and I’m ready for her to channel Olivia Pope and let him know, in the sassiest and classiest way possible, what her name is Huck is playing a video game when Quinn comes in and interrupts. She asks if he has anything on the key from Faith’s body and he says it’s from a locker and shows her an area it’s likely located. Olivia comes in and tells them to pull info on Carnahan. After looking through evidence, Huck says that it’s likely Carnahan could be innocent and that there could’ve been a second shooter involved. Olivia goes with Quinn to tell Carnahan that if they get him charged with murder because Cooper may have died from a stroke as a result of the bullet, they could get it as part of the new trial and it could exonerate him. But she says if that doesn’t work the attorney general will want the death penalty. Mellie is waiting on Cooper’s widow who comes in and after a few pleasantries Mrs. Cooper tells Mellie to call her Bitsy. She looks around the room, while making a few comments. Mellie sends the press out of the room and begins to talk to Bitsy about the funeral. Bitsy gets real and reveals that her dead husband was a cheating dog. She tells Mellie to give her the office and says she’ll plan everything and Mellie can just show up for the photo ops. She says – we bitches have to get through this dog and pony show. So sassy. I love it! Lizzie is on the news and talks up Cooper and says the President could learn a lot from Cooper. She says she’s heard about base closings. Which makes Cyrus wonder how she knows and tells Abby to find out. Abby says that’s not her job and he tells her that Fitz wants her gone for insubordination. He tells her that her job is whatever he says it is. Abby calls Olivia and tells her what she did and says she has to find the leak or get fired. While Olivia is talking to Abby she gets a knock on the door. Opening it up she reveals Fitz standing there with his secret service. They stare at each other for a while before she finally lets him in and closes the door. He says Abby is a bitch and she quickly lets him know that’s offensive. He brings up her nightmares and she demands to see Jake and defends him. Fitz reminds her that he was spying on her for B613 and she says she knows about him the way she knows about Fitz. He shows her a photo of Tom stealing the vial of the disease that killed his son and says he brought a copy of the file for her to keep. She says she needs to see Jake and he asks why she’s being such a – and she asks if he was going to say bitch. He leaves angry. Lizzie finds Mellie in the hall and asks her about the military base closings. Lizzie admits that she leaked the base closings and she needs her to have Fitz deny it so he’ll be painted into a corner, but Mellie refuses and says she has a funeral to plan. Olivia says they need to get David Rosen to charge Carnahan with murder. She starts a rumor, which gets the press to start asking about it. They also come up with #justiceforcooper to stir up a social media storm. Once the buzz grows, David brings it to Fitz and Abby talks it up too. Liv’s plan works and David announces they are filing murder charges. Huck says the hammer is down and Olivia says they’re going to court to get that bullet. Mellie talks to Bitsy about her husband’s accomplishments and Bitsy says she did all that. She says her husband wasn’t very bright and had ADD to boot. She tells Mellie about all the legislation she pushed through and the Soviet peace accords. She says she coached her husband through it step by step and Mellie is shocked. She says she won’t be remembered for anything but telling idiots not to litter. Mellie says she’s a great first lady and Bitsy replies saying she’ll be remembered as the wife of a man who did something with his life. Rowan is in the Oval Office having a drink with Fitz and tells him he’s there for Jake and says he’s responsible for him. He says he can take care of this in a way the President can’t and asks to let him discipline his dog. Fitz says he’s going to be tried in a court of law and executed before the world. Rowan tells Fitz not to be swayed by anyone. Fitz tells Rowan that Olivia wants to see Jake and he says he should let her. Rowan says Jake is manipulating her into believing he’s a victim by not letting him see her. Rowan advises him to let her see what she needs to see and then he can do what needs to be done. He tells him not to let love cloud his judgment. In court, David fights against the autopsy, but his lawyers say they need the bullet. David says he’s already been convicted but his lawyer says the body has exculpatory evidence that could help his client. David sees Olivia at the back of the court room and after the judge grants the autopsy, David confronts Olivia and says he now knows she started the hashtag and tricked him into filing charges. He says Carnahan is going down. She goes to see Carnahan in jail who is optimistic. Olivia makes a call about ballistics and is taken by Secret Service and taken by Fitz to see Jake. They tell her if he gets within three feet of her, the guards will take her down. Jake sees her and tells her to listen first without speaking. He tells her about an offshore account in the Caymans. He gives her the number and she asks why he’s telling her. She’s upset at how battered he is and that he’s in chains. He tells her to give the money to his mother and tells her where she lives. He says he knows she likely thinks he’s guilty too and tells her he could tell her he’s been framed and her dad is behind the whole thing but that’s his just word and it won’t change anything. He says they both know that she won’t choose him and says that it’s okay. He asks her to repeat the numbers to the account back and she does. The whole time Fitz is watching throught the glass. Of course he is.  On the White House balcony, Mellie and Bitsy are drinking and Bitsy complains about the autopsy. Mellie says she has no influence like Bitsy did and Bitsy tells her she fought for it. Mellie says there is only one woman he listens to. Bitsy says at least it’s just one woman. She says she hired the ugliest secretary she could find for her husband and he still banged her twice a day every day. She says that by him doing that it gave her time to run the country. When Olivia gets ballistics she goes to confront Carnahan. It turns out the bullet came from his gun. He says he came to kill him but then he didn’t die and says he couldn’t confess to a failed assassination. He says he’s been waiting for Cooper to die so he could take his place at the assassins’ table with John Wilkes Booth and the others. She tells him he’s sick and he thanks her for giving his life meaning and tells her to get him the electric chair and says no lethal injection for him. He says he wants to go out with a bang. Olivia goes to see David and advises him to give him life in prison. David can’t believe that he beat Olivia and that he out-poped Pope. She then asks him to help Jake. He says he would have liked to but can’t because he’s out from under DOJ authority. She asks what that means. We see Rowan talking with Jake telling him he keeps his promises. He says he will see him buried in an unmarked grave like every other terrorist. Jake asks if it matters to Rowan that he loves her and Rowan says all he had to do was pay his respects to her father but he couldn’t handle it. He calls Jake arrogant and says he always has to show his swagger. Rowan tells him how he manipulated Fitz and says he got Fitz to believe it was his idea to give Jake to him. He leaves after telling Jake that you don’t take command, command takes you. The news confirms that Carnahan did kill Cooper. Olivia goes to talk to Fitz and she asks how he could transfer Jake out of DOJ. He says he can’t trust himself with him. She then asks how he could give him to her dad. He tells her that Jake tore his family and apart and may have ruined their relationship for good. There’s just so many things wrong with that statement. Olivia says there is no hope of them being together again if he hands Jake over to her dad. Fitz asks her if there’s hope now, but she doesn’t answer and he raises asks again. She cries and says there’s hope and walks out. *eye roll* Here we go. Mellie and Bitsy come down the steps to greet the press and she asks that no one to give Carnahan any attention. Mellie speaks up and says her husband will not close the military bases and says he supports Cooper’s policies and is a Navy man. Bitsy whispers to her that she has a joint that’s not going to smoke itself and asks Mellie to join her on the Truman balcony. I can’t even handle how awesome Bitsy is. Cyrus watches the news and asks Abby how the story leaked and threatens her job. She reveals that he bought a new cell phone on a new account and says it’s the same day he rented his new apartment so he wouldn’t have to keep staying at the hotel with his new friend. She tells him before he goes on a witch hunt, he may want to check his own “back door.”  Huck finishes up his video game and we find out he’s playing online with his son, Javi. She tells her son one more round then teeth and bed. We see them chatting online as they play. Quinn is still going locker to locker but finally hits it. She shows Olivia what it was what they killed Faith and her friend for. It’s packet has hundreds of photos of Olivia and Quinn says it looks like they’re hunting her. Fitz comes in and tells Jake that he’s transferring Jake to super max. He says he’ll spend the rest of his life there and he tells Jake it’s his gift to the woman they love. Olivia is swimming laps then finds her dad there at the pool waiting just like she dreamed. He’s furious and accuses her of intervening. She says she was saving Jake and Fitz. He tells her she crossed him. She tells him he may be command but she has weapons he can’t possibly possess. She swims away from him with a smirk.  What I learned from this episode and pretty much have always known... Bitches get stuff done. (Idk if women calling women 'bitches' is appropriate but it's what I thought of watching this episode lol). No, but seriously. I did so many sassy snaps in z-formation to Bitsy  and even Olivia with that last scene.  Tell us what you think of this episode?   

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